R$6 billion are still forgotten by Brazilians; see how to consult and withdraw from the Central Bank

The Central Bank still offers the option of consulting and withdrawing money forgotten by Brazilians. Just access the official website to find out how much is available.

Did you know that almost 40 million Brazilians have money forgotten in banks and financial institutions, totaling more than R$6 billion available for withdrawal?

This information, recently released by the Central Bank, shows that many of us may have a pleasant financial surprise waiting for us. Find out how much you have!

Did you know that you may have forgotten money to receive at the Central Bank? See how to gain access! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Understand the hidden treasure of the Central Bank

Since the launch of the Receivable Values ​​System (SVR), a significant amount of unclaimed funds have been identified.

These are amounts that were forgotten in bank accounts, payments of undue fees, among others. The most interesting thing is that both individuals and legal entities are entitled to these amounts.

Where can you have forgotten money?

In short, forgotten money can come from different sources, accumulating over time in unused accounts and investments. Here are some of the most common places this money can originate from:

Inactive current and savings accounts: remaining balance in accounts that have not been moved or updated for years; Bank fees charged incorrectly: amounts that were charged in error and must be returned to the consumer; Consortium shares not redeemed: amounts from consortium shares that were not were claimed after completion or withdrawal;Insurance: unredeemed amounts from insurance policies that expired or were canceled;Investment funds: resources in investment funds that were forgotten or were not redeemed;FGTS and PIS/PASEP accounts: balance of FGTS accounts and PIS/PASEP quotas not withdrawn; Inheritances: inheritance values ​​that were not claimed by the beneficiaries.

It is important to regularly check whether you have any amount to receive, using the official systems and platforms provided by financial institutions and the government.

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How to retrieve your forgotten money

The good news is that the consultation and redemption process is quite simple and safe, carried out exclusively through the SVR website (at no cost. It is essential to be careful to avoid scams, never clicking on suspicious links or sharing personal data inappropriately.

Step by step to withdraw

Access the official SVR website with your CPF or CNPJ. Check if there are amounts available for you or deceased family members. If there is a balance, proceed with the redemption request, which can be made via PIX or directly with the financial institution, depending on the case.

The impact of this Central Bank finding

Imagine discovering that you have a forgotten amount just when you need it most? This money can be debt relief, an investment or even a reserve to make a dream come true.

Furthermore, it is a chance to correct past failures, recovering values ​​that, for some reason, were left behind.

Keep an eye out and don’t miss this chance!

With a deposit period of up to 12 business days, depending on the method chosen, retrieving this forgotten money can be faster than you imagine.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to recover what is rightfully yours. Access the SVR and check your situation. Who knows, maybe you have a pleasant surprise waiting?

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