R$52 per MONTH through Nubank? Understand the public bonus

Invest intelligently: find out how Nubank can yield R$52 per month from an investment of R$5,000. Find out how to take advantage of this financial opportunity today!

Have you ever found yourself thinking about how to make your money go further? If you are a Nubank customer and have managed to save a significant amount, we have good news.

Namely, the digital bank offers a public bonus that can earn you around R$52.71 per month based on an initial investment of R$5,000.

In the following lines, we will better understand how this bonus works and how it can positively impact your finances.

Maximize your financial gains: understand how Nubank offers a public bonus that can yield up to R$52 per month. Discover the benefits of this safe and highly liquid investment. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

How does Nubank’s public bonus work?

Nubank is known for offering its customers a simple and accessible way to invest their money.

With yield linked to the CDI, your investments can benefit from the current DI rate, which is currently 12.65% per year.

This means that, when investing R$5,000 in Nubank, you can expect an approximate return of R$52.71 per month, not counting additional income over time.

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One of the advantages of investing in Nubank is immediate liquidity, which means you can redeem your money at any time, without complications.

Furthermore, the investment is considered safe, as customer resources are protected by the National Treasury or the Credit Guarantee Fund, offering investors additional peace of mind.

Income Tax and regressive table

However, it is important to be aware of Income Tax on investments in Nubank.

The rates follow the Fixed Income Regressive Table, varying according to the length of time the money invested remains.

In practice, this means that the longer you keep your investment, the lower the income tax rate will be.

When analyzing the investment options available on the market, Nubank stands out as an attractive choice for those looking for a combination of security, profitability and liquidity.

However, if you are looking for a more complete platform to invest, you can consider a stock brokerage like Toro Investimentos, which offers a variety of products and services to meet investors’ needs.

Opportunity to make your money work for you

In short, the public bonus offered by Nubank represents a valuable opportunity to make your money go further.

With an initial investment of R$5,000, you can expect a significant monthly return, in addition to the security and practicality that digital banking offers.

However, always remember to evaluate your financial goals, investor profile and deadlines before making any investment decision.

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