Prouni students will be able to travel by plane for JUST R$200; Get to know Voa Brasil!

With Voa Brasil, you can buy plane tickets for R$200! Check the participation criteria and see if you are entitled to the cheapest tickets.

In a scenario where traveling by plane is still an inaccessible luxury for many Brazilians, a new development appears that promises to democratize the air in Brazil: the Voa Brasil program.

The federal government’s initiative is about to make many students’ dreams of discovering new horizons without weighing down their pockets a reality. The good news is that students benefiting from Prouni are among the first on the list of priorities for this innovative program. Find out more below!

Discover the Voa Brasil program! Credit: Reproduction.

The current scenario of Brazilian flights

In recent years, the price of air tickets has been a constant challenge for Brazilians who wish to travel, whether for study, work or leisure reasons.

With values ​​that are often exorbitant, the dream of flying has been restricted to a portion of the population.

However, Voa Brasil promises to change this panorama, offering an affordable alternative for Prouni students.

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Voa Brasil is more than a program to encourage national tourism; it is a passport to new experiences and opportunities.

With the promise of air tickets for R$200, the program aims to include those who, until then, saw the plane as just a distant point in the sky.

In addition to Prouni students, INSS retirees will also benefit from this first phase, which foresees the offer of 2.5 to 3 million tickets.

To be eligible, in addition to being part of the priority groups, the candidate must not have traveled by plane in the last 12 months or never have had this experience. A unique opportunity for many who dream of crossing the country’s skies.

Installments in up to 12 installments on Voa Brasil

Voa Brasil does not limit itself to offering tickets at affordable prices; he also thinks about ease of payment.

Students will be able to pay the ticket price in up to 12 installments, removing yet another barrier that prevented many from flying.

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Is Voa Brasil already available?

For Voa Brasil to take off, the collaboration of airlines is essential. Azul, Gol and Latam have already signaled their interest in joining the program.

However, there are impasses to be resolved, such as the creation of a relief fund for the airline sector and the issue of aviation kerosene prices, which have been a point of contention between the companies and Petrobras.

Voa Brasil is on the runway, ready to take off. Negotiations between the government and the airline industry continue, with the hope that the impasses will be resolved soon.

The inclusion of Prouni students in the program is a significant step towards making education and opportunities more accessible, showing that the sky really can be the limit for those who dream big. Find out more at:

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