Programs can pay PIX of R$5,000 for those who put their CPF on the invoice; know more!

Include your CPF in the invoice and open the door to win up to R$5,000 in raffles! Learn how to participate and withdraw the prizes offered by Brazilian states.

Have you ever wondered why cashiers always ask if you want to include your CPF on your invoice? The answer is surprising and may be worth it.

This practice, which seems simple, can yield incredible benefits, including the chance to win up to R$5,000 in sweepstakes.

Let’s find out how this works in the following lines. So follow along!

Turn your routine purchases into chances to win cash prizes with the CPF on the note! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the CPF on the Tax Invoice?

The CPF on the invoice is a strategy by state governments to combat tax evasion.

By including your CPF in the note, you help the government monitor transactions and, in return, receive tempting benefits.

These benefits range from discounts on taxes such as IPVA and IPTU to participation in cash draws.

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How does the CPF work on the Tax Invoice?

By including your CPF in the note, you not only help with tax oversight, but also open yourself up to a range of advantages.

The states that join this program include big names such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, among others.

The list is extensive and covers a large part of the country, increasing the chances of you benefiting.

Benefits offered

The benefits of including your CPF in the note are varied and adapted to each state. For example, you can accumulate credits to spend on different services, such as recharging your cell phone or purchasing tickets.

In some states, there is also the possibility of reducing IPVA by up to 10%, while in others, the discount can be applied to IPTU.

But the icing on the cake are the monthly draws. Imagine earning between R$5,000 and R$1 million just for making routine purchases!

For every R$100 in purchases, you get a ticket to compete for these prizes. This makes every trip to the supermarket or store an opportunity to earn.

How to participate in the sweepstakes?

Namely, to enter this sweepstakes game, you need to register on your state’s program website. After registering, just agree to the rules, and that’s it: you’re in the running to win significant prizes.

This is a simple and effective way to transform your everyday purchases into potential earnings.

How to withdraw the prize?

Did you win the draw or accumulate credits? Withdrawing money is easy. In short, access the website of your state’s Treasury Department, log in and see the amount available.

In just a few clicks, you can have the money in your hands. It is, therefore, a perfect combination of practicality and benefit.

Finally, including the CPF on the invoice is not just a gesture of citizenship; it is an open door to concrete benefits.

From tax discounts to the chance to win cash prizes, the advantages are many.

So, next time you go shopping, remember: putting your CPF on the note could be your way to a surprise PIX of R$5,000. Don’t miss this chance!

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