Profit of R$194 on Nubank? Find out if you can ACHIEVE IT too

Earn more with your savings! Discover how a Nubank account can generate a profit of up to R$194.23, surpassing savings in monthly profitability.

Have you ever thought about how to make your money go further? With savings offering increasingly modest returns, many Brazilians are looking for more profitable alternatives.

One of them is the Nubank account, which has stood out for offering a higher return than savings, generating profit opportunities that may surprise.

Below, we have gathered the main details of this resource that can guarantee a profit of R$194 without any effort. Prepared? So, keep reading.

Maximize your financial gains! Find out how the Nubank account offers a return of 100% of the CDI, guaranteeing significant advantages over traditional savings. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Nubank account and profit of R$194

In short, developed to return financial control to Brazilians, the Nubank account has significant advantages.

In addition to providing free transfers, this account offers a more attractive automatic return for amounts deposited and held for more than 30 days.

With a yield equivalent to 100% of the CDI, the Nubank account offers a competitive profitability, close to the Selic rate, providing users with a significant financial return.

On average, this yield reaches 0.92% per month, surpassing traditional savings yields. Interesting, isn’t it?

How much does R$1,000 earn on Nubank?

When comparing the income of one thousand reais in the Nubank account with savings, the numbers reveal a considerable difference.

Over a period of two years, for example, the value of one thousand reais can yield up to R$194.23 in the Nubank account, already deducting Income Tax.

In savings, the same amount would reach just R$128.91, demonstrating the clear advantage of the Nubank account.

See the table below for a comparison between the income from the Nubank account and the savings account in different scenarios:

Nubank account Savings
Total gross balance after 24 months R$ 1.235,43
Total net balance (after Income Tax) after 24 months R$ 1.194,23
Gross total income R$ 235,43
Total net income R$ 194,23

These numbers clearly demonstrate the Nubank account’s ability to provide financial returns greater than those from savings, even over longer terms.

Over a period of five years, for example, the net balance in the Nubank account can reach R$1,592.00, while in savings it would be just R$1,354.08.

Furthermore, when considering monthly deposits into the Nubank account, the yield becomes even more attractive.

With regular deposits, the net balance can increase significantly, guaranteeing even greater profitability compared to savings.

Thinking about making your money go further?

Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to make your money go further, the Nubank account can be an excellent choice.

With a higher yield than savings and several additional advantages, this account offers profit opportunities that can transform the way you think about financial investments.

In this sense, try it and discover the profit potential that you can also achieve with Nubank.

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