platform is accepting Brazilians, check it out!

Bluesky, Twitter’s rival, is now open to everyone, including Brazilians! Explore the innovations and ease of joining this new open source social network.

Have you heard about Bluesky? This platform, which has stood out as a rival to Twitter, is now open to everyone!

The news came this Tuesday (6), marking a significant step in the evolution of the social network. Until then, it was only possible to join Bluesky by invitation.

Now, the door is open to millions of Brazilians and other users around the world. More details can be found below. Follow along!

Join the Bluesky revolution, the new social network that challenges Twitter, now accessible to everyone! (Photo: Disclosure).

Bluesky is not just another social network. It represents a significant advancement, offering an innovative experience compared to Twitter.

The project, supported by Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, promises to be a robust alternative to Meta Threads.

With three million users before going public, Bluesky is already causing a real buzz.

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How does Bluesky work?

At Bluesky, communication is simplified yet powerful. Posts, or "skeets", allow up to 300 characters, ensuring direct and objective messages.

The difference here is the chronological feed, which makes monitoring conversations more fluid and natural.

Compared to Twitter and Threads, Bluesky offers a leaner, but no less efficient, interface.

Innovation and transparency

A notable aspect of Bluesky is its open source nature. In other words, it means more transparency and freedom for users, who can even develop their own algorithms.

In this sense, imagine being able to mark posts with categories such as "partially false" or "misleading". This puts the power in the hands of users, creating a unique interaction dynamic.

How to create an account at Bluesky?

At first, joining Bluesky is easy! Available for both Android and iPhone (iOS), you can download the app from your cell phone’s online store.

To register, you need a cell phone number to receive a validation code. On PC, the process is similar. Just access and follow the instructions.

The origins of Bluesky, Twitter’s rival

In short, the idea for Bluesky emerged within Twitter, as a project to develop a decentralized infrastructure, the AT Protocol. The mission? Create a platform where the community can actively contribute.

According to Jay Graber, president of Bluesky, decentralization enables simultaneous innovations, paving the way for positive changes in the way we interact online.

An invitation to innovation

In conclusion, Bluesky is not just a new social network. It represents an invitation to innovation, freedom of expression and active participation in building a healthier and more transparent online community.

Finally, with the opening to new users, including Brazilians, Bluesky promises to be a turning point in the history of social networks. And you, are you ready to be part of this revolution?

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