OFFICIAL statement addresses absence in the INSS Life Proof, suspension of payments and more

According to the INSS, Brazilians need to provide proof of life to be able to maintain the benefit. Check out all the details of the procedure.

Since 2023, the INSS life test has undergone some important changes. The objective of the changes is to make life easier for beneficiaries and reduce queues at INSS agencies. This way, it is possible to confirm that the beneficiary is alive and avoid undue payments.

The beneficiaries of the Institute are retirees, pensioners and people who receive BPC (Continuous Payment Benefit). In other words, this group of Brazilians needs to carry out the procedure. Continue reading this article to find out what happens to those who fail to take the life test.

Find out what happens to those who don’t take the Life Test

New INSS proof of life: everything you need to know

As already mentioned, Brazilians who receive some type of INSS benefit must carry out proof of life. Currently, it happens in different ways. Check out.

Facial biometrics: Now, beneficiaries can provide proof of life using facial biometrics, through the app or on the INSS website. Facial recognition at ATMs: Facial recognition is also available at Banco do Brasil and Banco do Brasil ATMs. Caixa Econômica Federal.Banking service: Beneficiaries who receive their benefits via checking or savings accounts at private banks can also take the proof of life directly at the bank.Online scheduling: Scheduling for the in-person proof of life can be done online, on the website from the INSS.

Who needs to take proof of life?

All INSS beneficiaries, including retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of other programs, such as BPC (Continuous Payment Benefit), need to provide proof of life annually.

How to prove your life using facial biometrics?

To provide proof of life using facial biometrics, the beneficiary needs to:

Have a smartphone or tablet with internet access; Have downloaded the app; Have a registration with with a silver or gold security level.

Step by step to prove your life using facial biometrics:

Access the app or the INSS website;Click on the "Proof of life" option;Follow the instructions on the screen;Allow the app to access your device's camera;Read your face.

What to do if proof of life using facial biometrics doesn’t work or if the beneficiary doesn’t have a smartphone?

If proof of life using facial biometrics does not work, the beneficiary can try again at another time.

Or proceed in the same way as the beneficiary who does not have a smartphone:

Proof of life using facial recognition at a Banco do Brasil or Caixa Econômica Federal ATM; Schedule an in-person appointment at an INSS branch.


According to the INSS, it is possible to schedule the INSS Life Test in several ways. Check them all out below.

Online on the INSS website (phone 135; At INSS agencies (limited service).

These are the necessary documents.

Identity document with photo; INSS card. Third party can carry out proof of life in your name with power of attorney: Power of attorney signed at a notary’s office. Attorney’s documents.

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