Nubank service will CLOSE in February and worries account holders

Nubank announces the closure of the DOC service from February 29, 2024, adapting to the Pix era. Understand.

Nubank, born in 2013 as an innovative startup, revolutionized the Brazilian banking market with its no-annual-fee credit card and intuitive app. The company won millions of customers with its disruptive proposal.

However, in 2024, he made an announcement that shocked many customers. Fintech will deactivate a service that, until then, has always been used by Brazilians. Continue reading this article to check all the details of Nubank’s closure.

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Nubank announces end of bank transfers; understand

Nubank recently announced a significant change in its operations: the closure of the bank transfer modality known as Credit Order Document (DOC), scheduled for February 29, 2024.

This apparently surprising decision reflects an adaptation to new times, especially with the popularization of Pix, an instant transfer service that has become widely adopted by Brazilians due to its agility and zero cost.

Faced with technological advancement and the obsolescence of DOC, Nubank aims for more contemporary and efficient alternatives for its users’ transfer needs.

In addition to Pix, which allows instant and free financial transactions, the digital bank will continue to offer other options for transactions, such as Available Electronic Transfer (TED) and transfers between Nubank accounts.

This shift highlights the evolution of digital banking services. And it shows the constant search for efficiency and practicality in the financial sector, aligning with current consumer expectations and behaviors.

Little boxes: revolutionizing financial organization?

Nubank Little Boxes emerge as an innovative organization and investment tool for its customers.

Through an intuitive and personalized system, Nubank proposes to facilitate the achievement of financial objectives, from long-term dreams to emergency goals.


Creating boxes for different goals is simple and quick, allowing the client to set goals and track their progress intuitively.

Furthermore, the service offers other advantages. Check out.

Profitability: The boxes offer investment options with higher profitability than savings, such as the Selic Treasury and investment funds.Diversification: It is possible to diversify investments, distributing the money into different boxes and objectives.Security: Nubank is a reliable and regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil, ensuring the security of investments. Control and organization: The boxes help control the budget and organize finances, allowing a clear view of objectives and progress.


Although they are seen as modern options, compared to savings, Nubank’s savings accounts have some disadvantages. Check out the main complaints from account holders.

Variable profitability: The profitability of investments in the boxes may vary according to the type of investment and market conditions.Investment risks: As with any investment, there is a risk of losses, especially in variable income applications.Application limits: The boxes have a limit on investments per month, which can be an obstacle for those who want to invest higher amounts. Lack of some investments: The boxes do not offer access to all types of investments available on the market, such as shares and multimarket funds. Costs: The boxes may have administration costs and performance fees, which can reduce the profitability of investments.

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