Nubank releases credit limit of R$4,000 for thousands of Brazilians; increase is IMMEDIATE!

Nubank can grant high credit to customers who meet some of the institution’s criteria. Understand how the credit analysis process works.

Nubank, founded in 2013, revolutionized the Brazilian banking market with its innovative proposal: a complete digital bank, without abusive fees and focused on the customer experience.

The company offers a credit card with no annual fee, free checking account, investment and insurance services, all managed by an intuitive and easy-to-use application.

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How to get a limit of R$1,000 on Nubank: check out all the tips

First of all, it is important to make it clear that Nubank does not offer a pre-defined credit limit for its customers.

It is granted on an individual basis, based on a credit analysis that considers several factors. Check them all out.

Credit history

Fintech analyzes scores from the main credit protection bodies.

Serasa Experian and Boa Vista SCPC scores; Timely payments of other accounts and financial obligations; Late payments, defaults and protests.

Income and financial profile

For a greater chance of approval, the customer needs to follow these three criteria.

Declared and proven monthly income. Professional stability and income compatible with the desired amount. Expenses and bank transactions.


Naturally, it is necessary to have a good relationship with fintech. Therefore, use your Nubank credit card responsibly, with payments on time and within the invoice.

Another good tip is to always make use of the available limit and frequency of purchases. Finally, interact with the Nubank application and services.

To increase your chances of obtaining a limit of R$4 thousand

Extra tips to increase your chance of building a limit of R$4,000 on Nubank. Check out.

Maintain a good credit history: Pay your bills on time, avoid delays and defaults.Prove income: Provide documents that prove your monthly income, such as a payslip or income tax declaration.Use the Nubank card responsibly: Make purchases within your limit, pay invoices on time and avoid revolving credit.Increase your engagement with Nubank: Use other bank products and services, such as NuConta, NuInvest or NuSeguros.Update your data: Keep your registration details updated in the Nubank app.Open a NuConta account: Having a NuConta account can increase your chances of getting a higher limit on your credit card. Make a deposit into NuConta: Depositing an amount into NuConta can be a positive sign for Nubank. Invest in NuInvest: Invest in NuInvest too can increase your chances of getting a higher limit. Request a limit increase: You can request a limit increase through the Nubank app.

Find out how to increase your Serasa score

Regardless of whether your account is with Nubank, or another bank, to have a greater chance of getting credit, you need to have a high score on Serasa.

Check out some tips to increase your Score.

Impeccable payment history

Pay all your bills on time, without delays or defaults. Prioritize paying off outstanding debts, starting with the smallest ones. Negotiate debts with creditors and regularize your situation.

Cleaning registration data

Keep your Serasa registration up to date, with accurate and complete information. Correct errors and inconsistencies that could harm your score.

Conscious consumption of credit

Use credit responsibly, within your available limit. Avoid using revolving credit, which generates high interest and negatively impacts your Score. Pay credit card bills on time and within due date.

Conscious consultations

Avoid frequent consultations with your Serasa Score, as they may have a negative impact.

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