Nubank informs customers of 3 WINS; extra R$600, PIX released and +: find out everything!

Nubank’s Caixas revolutionized the way we save money, allowing us to create personalized goals, invest and track progress in real time.

Saving money has never been so easy and fun! With Nubank’s Caixas, you can organize your finances in a personalized way, set goals for your dreams and track your progress in real time.

Create Boxes for each goal, whether it’s a dream trip, buying a new car or building an emergency fund.

This is Nubank’s promise with its famous boxes. According to the bank, it is possible to earn amounts of R$600 – or even more – if Brazilians invest in the boxes. But is the service worth it?

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Nubank boxes: a new way to save money

Through the Little Boxes, customers can create different savings goals, such as "Dream Trip", "Emergency Reservation" or "Buying a Car".

For each objective, it is possible to define an amount to be saved, frequency of deposits and deadline for reaching the goal.

The big difference with Caixainhas is its simplicity and flexibility. Creating goals is quick and intuitive, and the client can track the progress of each box in real time.

In addition, Little Boxes offer the option of investing the amounts saved, which allows the money to earn more and objectives to be achieved more quickly.

Even though Nubank Caixas are a powerful tool, it is important to emphasize that they are not a magical instrument for solving all financial problems.

It is essential that customers use the Boxes responsibly and in accordance with their real needs.

Little box vs. Poupança Caixa: what is the best option?

Saving money is an essential habit for achieving our financial dreams and goals.

However, choosing the best way to do this can be a challenge. Two popular options in Brazil are Caixinhas from Nubank and traditional savings from Caixa Econômica Federal.


In terms of income, Nubank’s Caixas stand out. They offer 100% of the CDI for amounts that remain in the account for more than 30 days.

The CDI generally follows the Selic, the country’s basic interest rate, which means that Caixinhas’ returns can be very attractive.

Caixa savings yield 6.17% per year + TR (Reference Rate). The TR has been close to zero for years, which means that the savings return is very low.

Nubank’s Caixas are also more flexible than savings. You can create different boxes for different goals, such as a dream trip, buying a new car or emergency savings.

For each box, you define goals for the amount to be saved, frequency of deposits and deadline for reaching the goal.

Plus, you can withdraw money at any time without fees. Caixa savings offers less flexibility, with only one account available and without the option to set goals.


In terms of accessibility, Caixainhas also has an advantage. The Nubank app interface is simple and intuitive, allowing you to do everything you need without leaving home.

The Caixa Econômica Federal interface is less intuitive, and some functions are only available in branches.

Both options are safe. Nubank is a digital bank with high security standards, and the application has several measures to protect customer data.

Caixa Econômica Federal is a traditional bank with a history of security, but traditional banks can be targets of cyber attacks.

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