Nubank and the R$7,000 limit INCREASE for Carnival; understand!

Nubank increases limit to R$7,000 before Carnival: find out how to take advantage of these new features and enhance your purchasing power!

Nubank, one of the most renowned fintechs in Brazil, brought excellent news to its customers, allowing them to increase their credit card limit to up to R$7,000.

And the best part: this can happen even before Carnival. Namely, this expansion of possibilities comes through the "Guaranteed Bare Limit" and "Build Limit" functionalities.

In short, the tools eliminate the need for credit analysis, making the process even simpler and faster. More details can be found below. Follow along!

Discover Nubank’s innovations: limit of R$7,000 and virtual card for online purchases – everything you need to know! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Nu Limite Guaranteed: convert investments into credit limit

The "Nu Limite Garantido" functionality is a practical and intelligent way to transform investments into an additional credit limit.

With it, if a customer invests R$7,000, they will have the same amount available for purchases on their card. Is it interesting or not?

This amount is reserved in a type of virtual cash register, in the form of a Bank Deposit Receipt (RDB).

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How to activate "Guaranteed Nu Limite"?

First, access the "My limits" section in the Nubank app, available for Android and iOS. Then, choose the "Nu Limite Garantido" option. Follow the instructions presented and click "proceed". Finally, indicate the amount you want invest and confirm the action.

Build Limit: reserve an amount to increase your limit

With the "Build Limit" functionality, the customer can reserve an amount from their Nubank account, even if that amount does not generate income.

This reserved amount will be used to increase the credit card limit, making it an additional option available for purchases.

How to use "Build Limit":

First, access the "My Limits" section and indicate the amount you want to reserve. Read and accept the terms and conditions presented. Confirm the operation by entering your 4-digit password.

With these innovations, Nubank reinforces its commitment to offering greater financial freedom to customers, adapting to their needs and providing greater satisfaction to users.

Take advantage of the Nubank virtual card for online purchases

For online purchases, the Nubank virtual credit card is a recommended option, which can be added to the user’s digital wallet, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

In short, this payment technology allows contactless transactions on card machines, making the process fast and secure.

How to insert the Nubank card into the digital wallet?

Open the Nubank app and access "My cards". Afterwards, select the virtual card you want to add to your wallet. Enter your 4-digit password to access the card information. Click "Configure". Choose the "Add to Google" option Pay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay." Finally, follow the instructions to add the card to your digital wallet.

Contactless technology is increasingly present in major establishments, being easily identified by the corresponding symbol, as well as by the digital wallet icons in applications.

With these innovations, Nubank seeks to make the customer experience more practical and secure, remaining at the forefront of modern financial solutions.

Therefore, take advantage of all these features to have greater financial control and freedom in your purchases.

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