Nubank and the BLOCKING of transfers for a specified period of time; know everything!

Nubank has been blocking transfers through the app for a while and this has been bothering customers. Understand!

Currently, Nubank is one of the most beloved banks by Brazilians, due to its ease of transactions and all the tools it has.

However, recent news left users alarmed, as the bank would temporarily block transfers through the app. Understand the reason behind this!

Did you try to make transfers via Nubank, but ended up not being able to do so? Understand what is happening! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Will Nubank really block transactions?

With Carnival approaching, Nubank issued an essential statement to its customers, highlighting crucial security measures to prevent theft during the festivities.

Therefore, the financial institution, known for its innovation and customer service, shared four valuable tips to ensure that the fun is not interrupted by unwanted worries.

Protect all your information

The first recommendation is to reinforce the security of your devices and accounts. Using passwords on everything from your phone screen lock to essential apps is crucial.

Furthermore, Nubank suggests keeping your cell phone and cards only in safe places and always being aware of your surroundings.

Keep a low profile

Next, for those who have a Nubank account, joining Nu Seguros could be a smart move, especially with attractive prices.

It is also recommended to mark your data on the cards to avoid exchanges and cover sensitive information, taking care not to affect the functioning of the magnetic card.

Nubank Street Mode

Furthermore, when using machines, it is vital to check the display to ensure that the amount charged is correct.

"Street mode" is another tool suggested by Nubank, allowing you to limit transactions such as PIX, TED and bill payments. Disabling approach mode can prevent unauthorized charges.

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What to do in case of emergency?

Now, if you face the misfortune of having your card stolen, Nubank emphasizes the importance of immediately informing the institution to block the card.

They provide several contact channels, including telephone, email and in-app chat, to facilitate this process.

With these tips, Nubank aims to ensure that its customers enjoy Carnival with peace of mind and security, without giving up the joy that the party provides.

How to open an account at Nubank?

Opening an account with Nubank is a simple and completely digital process, done through the application available for smartphones (Android: or iOS:

First, download the app and select the option to create an account. Then, fill in the requested personal data, such as CPF, email and full name.

After this, you will undergo a registration review, which includes photo verification of documents submitted and, possibly, a selfie to confirm your identity.

After approval, your account will be ready to use, and you will be able to manage your finances directly through the app.

How to order a Nubank card?

To request the Nubank card, you must initially have an active digital bank account.

After opening your account, you can request a credit card through the Nubank app itself.

In the services section, choose the credit card request option and complete the order form. Your request will undergo a credit analysis.

Finally, if approved, the card will be sent to the registered address, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits and convenience offered by Nubank, controlling everything through the app.

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