News for BPC beneficiaries: possibility of a 13th salary?

The BPC may undergo some important changes. Unlike other INSS benefits, it still doesn’t have a 13th salary, for example, something that could change.

The Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), one of the most important assistance offered by the INSS, is intended to financially support citizens in vulnerable situations.

In 2024, some significant changes and important clarifications about the BPC need to be highlighted, especially in relation to the payment of the 13th salary, a topic that often raises doubts among beneficiaries. Check out!

Did you know that BPC may receive important news soon? See what the changes are! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the BPC?

BPC/LOAS is financial support aimed at low-income people who are in a situation of economic vulnerability.

This benefit is mainly aimed at seniors over 65 years of age and people with disabilities of any age, as long as they meet specific income criteria and are duly registered in the Single Registry (CadÚnico).

Who is entitled to the BPC?

To be eligible for the BPC, you must:

Be a native Brazilian, naturalized citizen or holder of Portuguese nationality; Have a per capita family income of less than ¼ of the minimum wage; Be registered and have up-to-date information on CadÚnico.

Furthermore, it is not necessary for people to have contributed to the INSS at some point, as the benefit is social, even paid by the local authority.

BPC application process

To request the BPC, you must initially register the family with CadÚnico through the Social Assistance Reference Centers (CRAS).

Subsequently, the request must be made directly to the INSS, which can be made online via the Meu INSS portal or by calling 135.

Is the 13th salary included?

Unlike other benefits offered by INSS, BPC does not include payment of the 13th salary. This is due to the nature of the benefit, which is not considered a retirement, but rather temporary financial assistance granted while the situation of social vulnerability persists.

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Associated benefits

Despite not including the 13th salary, BPC beneficiaries can access other assistance programs, such as Bolsa Família and Auxílio Gás, in addition to having the possibility of taking out payroll loans with attractive rates.

Important to know

The BPC is a right aimed at guaranteeing a minimum of dignity for people in vulnerable situations. It is essential that interested parties are aware of the rules and application processes to guarantee this important financial support.

With this information, it is expected to clarify the main doubts about the BPC in 2024, helping to better plan the financial future of beneficiaries.

Furthermore, the decision not to include the 13th salary reinforces the specific nature of the BPC, focused on offering continued support to those who really need it.

Other benefits belonging to CadÚnico

The Single Registry (CadÚnico) is essential to access various social programs, in addition to the BPC. Among them, Bolsa Família supports needy families with financial assistance.

The Social Electricity Tariff offers discounts on the electricity bill, relieving the family budget. The Minha Casa Minha Vida Program makes it easier to acquire your own home with favorable conditions.

Bolsa Verde encourages environmental conservation in priority areas, and professional qualification programs aim to increase employability.

In addition, the Elderly Card provides transportation benefits for low-income seniors. All of these programs are accessible through CadÚnico, reinforcing their role in social inclusion.

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