New WhatsApp function can MAKE your daily life EASIER; know everything!

Those who usually use video calls can count on a new WhatsApp function that will greatly facilitate access to sharing information.

WhatsApp has just launched a feature that promises to change the way we interact virtually: screen sharing during video calls.

This way, those who need to do group work at school or college, present projects or even chat normally can benefit from the new feature. Check out!

If you use WhatsApp’s video calling feature, you won’t want to miss the screen sharing update! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

New for WhatsApp video calls

Ideal for moments when physical distance separates us, this feature allows friends, family and co-workers to share not only moments, but also important content such as documents, presentations and images, all in real time during a call.

Bringing people together

This new tool aims to make conversations richer and more interactive, creating a feeling of closeness even between users who are far from each other.

Meta, the company behind WhatsApp, emphasizes that the objective is to make people feel as if they are in the same space, regardless of where they are.

However, you need to be careful: screen sharing can expose personal data if not used carefully.

Before activating the feature, it is recommended to close all applications and sensitive information that may be open on the cell phone, ensuring a safe and secure interaction.

How does the new WhatsApp function work?

To use, simply start a video call, click the share icon at the bottom of the screen and select "Start Now".

All participants will be able to see the shared content, while their own images will still be visible in thumbnail form. Audio is also shared, providing a complete experience.

Resource versatility

Screen sharing has multiple applications: from maintaining connections with loved ones to facilitating remote work meetings and medical appointments.

The practicality of discussing content directly in the call makes this feature a significant innovation in the way we communicate.

WhatsApp is evolving more and more!

WhatsApp continues to evolve, bringing more and more features to enrich our communication. With screen sharing, the platform takes another step towards a more complete and engaging user experience, reinforcing the importance of using these tools responsibly and carefully.

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Furthermore, WhatsApp is about to revolutionize the way we communicate, allowing us to send messages from other applications.

This significant change, in line with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, promises a more integrated and open chat experience.

Interoperability in focus

The new functionality will allow users of different messaging platforms to communicate directly through WhatsApp.

This means more ease and options for staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues, regardless of which app they prefer to use.

Security and privacy

While integration opens new doors for communication, it also raises privacy and security concerns.

Finally, WhatsApp ensures that end-to-end encryption will be maintained to guarantee user protection, and participation in this new experience will be optional, allowing each person to decide whether or not they wish to receive messages from third-party apps.

This WhatsApp innovation marks an important step towards more inclusive and connected communication, always respecting the user’s choice and security.

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