New WhatsApp filter will MAKE your life EASIER: see how to use it

WhatsApp will release a new function that promises to make access to conversations even more dynamic. This will make it easier to access them.

Have you ever found yourself lost in so many conversations on WhatsApp, trying to find the specific one that needs immediate attention? The new thing that is coming could be the solution you were looking for.

WhatsApp, always at the forefront of messaging innovations, is testing a feature that promises to transform the way we interact with our favorite conversations. Come see more details!

Did you know that you will be able to favorite entire conversations through WhatsApp? See how! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Organization taken seriously

WhatsApp introduced a special filter in its beta version to search for favorite conversations. This functionality, in line with the existing option to favorite chats, aims to provide users with a more efficient way to manage their interactions.

Previously, the available option was to pin conversations to the top of the list, but with a restrictive limit of just three.

The new feature breaks down barriers, offering a more flexible alternative for those who have an extensive list of contacts and important groups.

Comfort and practicality at your fingertips

Imagine having the freedom to favorite all those essential conversations, whether with close friends, family or work groups, and being able to quickly access them with just a few clicks. This is the proposal of the new search filter for favorite conversations on WhatsApp.

Furthermore, the functionality promises to have no limits on the number of favorites, putting it ahead of similar alternatives available on the market, such as Telegram.

When will WhatsApp release the function?

For now, the new feature is only available in the beta version of the iOS app, and there is still no concrete information about when it will be officially launched or whether it will reach Android users simultaneously.

However, one thing is certain: the arrival of this functionality is eagerly awaited and promises to establish a new standard of convenience and efficiency in managing conversations in the application.

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Will WhatsApp charge for important functions?

WhatsApp, more than a simple messenger, is a repository of precious moments and an indispensable work tool for many.

However, a big change is on the way: the platform may start charging for storing backups on Google Drive, a previously free resource.

This change puts into perspective the value of our digital memories and the way we choose to protect them.

Impact and strategies

The transition to paid backups on Google Drive carries financial implications and risks of digital exclusion, where only those who can pay will keep their data safe.

In this sense, to face this new reality, users have alternatives: a subscription to Google One for those who can afford the cost, a new Google account dedicated to WhatsApp for an additional free 15 GB, or the regular practice of cleaning unnecessary conversations, keeping the concise backup.

How to bypass this payment?

Faced with the new conditions imposed by WhatsApp, users have several tactics to mitigate the effects of these changes:

Google One plan: for those willing to invest, Google One offers several packages adaptable to different storage space requirements; Exclusive Google account for WhatsApp: an economical alternative is to establish an exclusive Google account for WhatsApp, ensuring an extra 15 GB free. This approach allows you to isolate application data from other personal files, optimizing storage management; compact and organized.

Finally, with WhatsApp moving towards implementing fees for certain services, it is essential that users remain updated and ready to adjust to these changes.

Although the additional cost can be seen as an obstacle, it serves as a warning about the need for conscious and careful management of our digital data.

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