New TV Box virus could destroy your device; see how to avoid

Protect your TV Box against a new dangerous virus! Learn how to keep your devices safe while enjoying online entertainment.

The technological revolution has brought with it the ease of transforming any television into a SmartTV, thanks to devices known as TV Boxes and sticks.

These devices, which have gained popularity in Brazil, allow access to a wide range of online entertainment content.

However, this convenience also attracts the attention of cybercriminals, and a new virus was recently discovered that poses a serious threat to TV Box users.

Threat to your TV Box: Learn about the malware that is spreading and how to protect yourself. (Photo: Disclosure).

The malware that threatens your TV Box

The company specializing in digital security, ESET, has identified malware that is spreading rapidly and mainly affecting devices such as TV Box.

This virus is mainly distributed through streaming applications found on third-party websites. According to ESET, more than 2,000 attacks have already been recorded, revealing the scale of the threat.

Camilo GutiƩrrez Amaya, head of the ESET Research Laboratory in Latin America, explained that this malware is distributed through streaming applications on websites such as:

Tele Latino;You Cine;Magis TV; between others.

The concern is not just limited to TV Box owners, as these apps are also available for other devices, including popular TV Sticks like those from Amazon and Xiaomi.

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What happens when you get infected with malware?

Once a device is infected with this malware, cybercriminals can take complete control of the TV Box.

This allows them to conduct distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, transforming the TV Box into a kind of "zombie" at the service of hackers.

DDoS attacks involve the use of thousands of infected devices to send requests directed to the same target, overloading servers and, in many cases, bringing down the intended service.

This malicious activity can cause significant disruptions to streaming services and other online operations.

The main targets in Latin America

ESET’s analysis revealed that hackers have mainly targeted their attacks at Latin America, with Brazil, Mexico and Peru leading the list of most affected countries, with 20%, 13% and 11% of attacks, respectively.

Most of the websites spreading the malware are in Spanish, indicating a specific focus in that region.

Protecting your TV Box

To avoid becoming a victim of this type of attack, it is crucial to take appropriate security measures.

Before installing any application on your TV Box, do thorough research, checking other user reviews for security-related warnings.

Additionally, use strong and unique passwords for each service, keep your system up to date and avoid rooting the device, as this can open the door to cybercriminals.

Installing a reliable security solution is also essential for detecting and eliminating potential threats.

Staying on top of firmware updates is a key practice to ensure the continued security of your device.

Keep an eye!

In short, the rise of TV Box devices has brought a revolution in the way we consume entertainment content, but it has also attracted the attention of cybercriminals who are exploiting the vulnerabilities of these devices.

The threat of malware, like the one discussed, can put not only your entertainment experience at risk, but also the security of your devices.

By following the aforementioned security measures, users can significantly reduce the risk of falling into the hands of cybercriminals and protect their TV Box devices against this new threat.

Stay alert and stay safe while enjoying your favorite entertainment.

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