New Serasa partnership comes to END Brazilians' debts: find out how to benefit

Brazilians with outstanding debts will finally be able to get rid of their debts with support from Serasa. To do this, it is important to see the rules for participating in the action.

An unprecedented partnership between Serasa and the Ministry of Finance brings good news for those looking to get out of the red. It’s a golden opportunity!

The "Desenrola Brasil" program, created by the federal government, now has the support of Serasa to facilitate debt renegotiation, promising financial relief for many Brazilians.

Needing to get rid of your debts? See how Serasa will help you with this problem! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Renegotiation facilitated by Serasa

Through this collaboration, access to the "Desenrola Brasil" program becomes broader, allowing citizens to renegotiate their overdue debts with discounts that can reach 99%.

In principle, the consultation can take place directly on the Serasa website (using the CPF to check available renegotiation offers.

How it works?

Furthermore, the renegotiation process is completely online, offering the option of paying in cash or in installments, with interest of 1.99% per month.

In fact, in addition to the Serasa website, the system is also accessible through the platform’s applications (Android: or iOS:

Initially restricted to users with a silver or gold account, access was expanded, making the program more inclusive.

Who can participate in the Serasa action?

The renegotiation serves those who have negative debts between 2019 and December 31, 2022, with the updated value of the debt being less than R$20,000.00.

In short, this partnership has the potential to benefit an even greater number of Brazilians, helping them to reorganize their finances and recover credit.

Deadline and expectations

"Desenrola Brasil" is in its final phase, scheduled to end on March 31st. This initiative represents a valuable opportunity for defaulters to regularize their financial situation, contributing to the economy and individual well-being.

The partnership between Serasa and the government is a sign that there is hope for those who are struggling to balance their accounts. It’s a chance to start again, to clear your name and plan a more secure and prosperous financial future.

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Unwind and student debt

The FIES "Desenrola" program is a commendable initiative that has already benefited more than 196 thousand Brazilian students. After all, it is offering an opportunity to renegotiate accumulated debts.

Launched in November 2023, the program has the ambitious objective of renegotiating around R$54 billion in student debt, with interested parties having until May 31st to submit their requests virtually.

How it works?

The program structure is adapted to suit different debt situations, providing significant discounts on charges, interest and fines, and even on the principal amount, in some cases.

For debts that are overdue and unpaid for more than 90 days, a 100% discount is offered on charges, interest and fines, and a 12% discount on the principal amount for cash payments. Alternatively, it is possible to pay the debt in up to 150 installments, maintaining a 100% discount on interest and fines.

Who can join Desenrola Fies?

Students enrolled in CadÚnico or beneficiaries of Emergency Aid 2021 with debts overdue for more than 360 days can obtain even greater discounts for paying off the outstanding balance in full.

The initiative not only recovers significant amounts for public coffers, but also offers a chance for students to regularize their financial situations and continue investing in their education.

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