New rules for those working on HOLIDAYs come into effect from March

Working on holidays is not something that many people usually like, as they could have another day of rest. Now, there are new rules for these moments.

From March 1st, Brazil begins a new stage with updated rules for working on holidays, promising to impact both employees and employers.

The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Labor, is about to publish an ordinance that will clarify all doubts on the subject. But what do you know about these changes? Check out all the information!

Are you part of the group of people who need to work on holidays? See the new rules that will come into force! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Pay attention to the new working rules on holidays

Initially, the new document, which will come into force in March, will introduce clear guidelines on working on public holidays.

The main change is that work on festive days will only be permitted if this condition is agreed in a collective agreement, guaranteeing the protection of workers’ rights.

Exceptions to the list

An important novelty is that the new regulation will bring a list of exceptions. This means that certain businesses will be able to operate on public holidays without the need for a prior collective agreement.

The expectation is that more than 200 activities will benefit from this flexibility, including crucial sectors such as pharmacies and gas stations.

The impact on work relationships

Furthermore, this regulatory update is a response to the demands of different sectors of the economy and aims to balance the need for continuous operation of certain services with the rights of workers.

In short, the objective is to establish a scenario where the economy can flow, even on holidays, without harming those who are in the field of work.

The debate over holiday work continues

Discussions around the new rules are still simmering behind the scenes. The Ministry of Labor, together with employer representatives, is working to reach a consensus that meets the needs of all involved.

Clear communication and fair negotiation will be key to the successful implementation of these changes.

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What are the holidays in 2024?

In 2024, the list of holidays is not very interesting for those who can afford the day off. After all, most dates fall on weekends.

Despite this, there is still some hope for those who want a few days of rest, especially with the new flexibility. Check out:

Universal Fraternization: January 1st Carnival: February 13th Good Friday: March 29th Tiradentes: April 21st Labor Day: May 1st Corpus Christi: May 30th Independence of Brazil: September 7th Our Lady of Aparecida: October 12th Deaths: November 2nd Proclamation of the Republic : November 15th Christmas: December 25th

This list covers the moments of pause and celebration that bring us together as a nation, offering opportunities for rest, reflection and celebration throughout the year.

What happens if I miss work on a holiday?

Finally, if an employee misses work on a holiday without having permission to work on that date, in accordance with established rules, he or she may face consequences determined by the company’s internal policy and labor legislation.

This can include anything from a simple warning to salary deductions for the day not worked. In other words, the worker will be harmed in any way.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that each case must be assessed individually, considering the context and agreements previously established between employee and employer.

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