New retirement, FGTS and increase ABOVE R$ 1.4 THOUSAND on the way for INSS policyholders and workers

Find out the latest news about the INSS increase, new special retirement and corrections to the FGTS that can benefit workers. Stay up to date with the changes.

Good news is on the horizon for those who are keeping an eye on INSS benefits and the well-being of workers! With significant changes on the way, let’s unpack what’s to come. After all, being well informed is the first step to guaranteeing your rights.

Imagine a scenario where your efforts are recognized with fairer benefits. That’s exactly what’s happening. Among the new features, a promising increase above R$1,400 is on the way, along with a new special retirement modality and adjustments to the FGTS.

All of this brings a breath of optimism for retirees, pensioners and workers in general. See the main details in the following lines.

Exciting news for INSS policyholders and workers: increase above R$1,400, special retirement and adjustments to the FGTS are on the way. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

NEWS for retirees, pensioners and workers in general

The moment is one of expectation, as the STF has postponed a crucial decision until the end of this month. We are talking about the whole life review, which can change the game for many policyholders.

In short, this review allows all social security contributions to be considered when calculating the benefit, and not just those made after July 1994.

A golden chance for those who retired in the last ten years, under the pre-reform Social Security rules.

Special retirement on the radar

And there’s more good news: the recognition of special retirement for security guards and security guards, with benefits calculated based on less time served, is on the agenda.

This could mean values ​​above the minimum wage, a significant advance. Proof of risk activity can be provided by reports or specific forms, such as the PPP.

In fact, there is flexibility in proving by similarity, making the process easier for many.

FGTS: a question of justice

The correction of the FGTS is also under debate. The historically low Reference Rate (TR) harmed the fund’s returns for years.

Now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A fairer correction may be on the way, ensuring that everyone’s hard work is properly valued.

Easy access to FGTS

For those wondering about the FGTS balance, the solution is simple and digital. With the FGTS app, you can check the amounts and request withdrawals to an account of your choice, all without leaving home. A convenience that has become even more essential nowadays.

Access the FGTS application:

A brighter future for workers

In conclusion, these changes are more than welcome and reflect an ongoing search for justice and equity for all workers.

Stay alert and informed, as every step towards fairer benefits is a shared victory.

Always remember that information is the best tool. So stay up to date and ready to take advantage of the opportunities that are on your way.

The future looks brighter for INSS policyholders and workers across the country.

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