New PIX copy and paste scam is claiming hundreds of victims; see how to protect yourself

If you usually use pix as a payment method on a daily basis, be aware that you could end up being the victim of a scam. See how to protect yourself!

A new virtual scam has been causing concern throughout Brazil, directly affecting the financial security of countless users of the Pix system.

According to experts from Kaspersky, a renowned cybersecurity company, criminals are exploiting a vulnerability in the Pix "copy and paste" process, resulting in significant financial losses for victims. Check out!

The pix is ​​being targeted by a new coup attempt. Learn how to keep criminals away from you! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How does the new Pix scam work?

Initially, the scam begins with the installation of malware, a type of malicious software, on victims’ devices. This virus allows scammers to closely monitor online activities, especially transactions carried out via Pix.

At the crucial moment when the user copies the Pix code to make a payment and pastes it into the transaction system, the malware acts, diverting the funds to an account controlled by the fraudsters.

Important to prevent

The effectiveness of this scam lies in the activation of the malware at the exact moment of the transaction, which highlights the importance of robust preventive measures.

Therefore, users are advised to keep their security systems, such as antivirus, always up to date and to adopt safe internet browsing practices.

Furthermore, if you suspect that you have been a victim of this type of fraud, we recommend taking immediate action.

Notify your bank or financial institution about the incident and go to the nearest police station, or use the online services available, to file a police report.

This record is crucial for investigating the case and trying to recover the misappropriated amounts.

Kaspersky offers security tips

Furthermore, to avoid falling for scams, Kaspersky advises constant vigilance during online financial transactions.

Keep your security software up to date and perform regular scans for threats.

Additionally, stay tuned for official announcements and news about new scams to stay informed about best security practices.

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Is pix really safe?

The Pix instant payments system, developed by the Central Bank of Brazil, was designed with high security standards.

However, the security of transactions also depends on the measures adopted by users and the security protocols implemented by banks.

In this sense, it is essential to adopt safe practices, such as activating two-factor authentication and being careful with suspicious links, to guarantee a safe experience when using Pix.

Pix modalities currently available

Pix, in short, offers several options, including Pix Chave and Pix QR Code. Pix Chave allows you to carry out transactions using a unique key, such as CPF, CNPJ, email or telephone number, replacing the need to provide complete bank details.

Pix QR Code facilitates payments and transfers by scanning a QR code, generated by the recipient or by the payment system, providing a practical and safe alternative to carry out transactions without manually entering information, ideal for commerce and transfers between people.

Pay attention to your virtual steps

Although Pix offers practicality and speed in financial transactions, users must always be alert and informed about possible scams.

Adopting security measures, staying up to date on threats and acting promptly in the event of suspicious activity are essential steps to protecting your assets in the digital universe.

Remember, your financial security also depends on your actions. Stay informed, protect your devices, and never underestimate the importance of following online security best practices.

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