New on Desenrola Brasil to PAY OFF your debts TODAY (02/19)

Find out how the new partnership between Desenrola Brasil and Serasa is revolutionizing the way Brazilians deal with their debts. Discover how to get discounts of up to 99% and clear your name today!

Since its launch in 2023, Desenrola Brasil has stood out as an innovative program, offering solutions to the financial challenges faced by millions of Brazilians.

With its mission to facilitate debt renegotiation, the government program is gaining more and more support.

And now, it brings something new that promises to speed up this process even further: a strategic partnership with Serasa. Find out more in the following lines.

Discover the news that is helping millions of Brazilians to get out of financial hardship. Desenrola Brasil and Serasa join forces to offer unmissable discounts and facilitate debt settlement. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

NEWS at Desenrola Brasil

Imagine being able to pay off your debts with discounts of up to 99%, including the possibility of paying in installments without interest or fines.

This is the reality offered by Desenrola Brasil, an initiative that aims to provide financial relief and pave the way for a new trajectory of economic stability.

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How to participate in Desenrola Brasil?

For those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, simply access the Federal Government’s official renegotiation page, available online at

The process is simple and intuitive, but it is necessary to have a registered Gov.BR account to guarantee security and practicality during negotiations.

Strategic partnership with Serasa

The partnership between the Federal Government and Serasa represents an important step in democratizing access to the Desenrola Brasil program.

Now, users who visit the Serasa website can be directed directly to the program platform.

The idea is to further facilitate the renegotiation process and expand the reach of the program to an even greater number of Brazilians.

Concrete results and varied offers

Namely, since its launch, Desenrola Brasil has already benefited more than 12 million Brazilians, resulting in more than R$35 billion renegotiated in debt.

The program’s offerings are diverse and comprehensive, meeting the different needs of citizens in debt.

Check out the stages and offers available

The program is divided into strategic stages to better serve Brazilians; The first phase focused on removing Brazilians’ names from the credit restriction list; ;Next, direct negotiation with banks was opened, providing discounts of up to 99%;Debts of up to R$5,000 had priority in this phase;In the third and final stage, negotiations are ongoing with companies, including network operators telephony, internet, energy, among others.

Anyway, don’t miss this opportunity to get rid of debt and rebuild your financial health with Desenrola Brasil.

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