New Nubank service arrives to ANNIHILATE Caixa’s savings account; know everything!

Brazilians who have a fintech account can count on a new way to save money. Understand how the boxes work.

Nubank is a Brazilian fintech founded in 2013 that offers innovative and fully digital financial services.

The company started with a credit card with no annual fee and today offers a full range of products, including checking accounts, investments, insurance and loans.

On the other hand, Caixa is one of the oldest banks in the country, being founded during the Brazilian Empire. A new fintech service promises to put an end to the state-owned company. Understand.

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Nubank Caixas or Poupança da Caixa: find out which is the best option

Nubank’s Caixas and Caixa Poupança are two popular options for saving money, but which one is best for you?

Caixainhas generally yield more than savings, as they invest in RDBs or fixed income funds. They allow you to set goals and objectives, while saving is simpler.

It is worth noting that Caixas are completely digital, while savings can be opened at Caixa branches.

See a comparison between the two financial options.

Little boxes

Yield: Variable, according to the type of investment. Flexibility: Allows you to create goals and objectives, in addition to investing in different types of assets. Accessibility: Fully digital, through the Nubank app. Fees: No opening or maintenance fees.

Caixa Savings

Yield: Fixed, 0.5% per month + TR.Flexibility: Simple, just for saving money.Accessibility: Digital and in person, at Caixa branches.Fees: No opening fee, but may have a maintenance fee.

Which one to choose?

It depends on your profile and objectives:

If you are looking for greater income and flexibility, Nubank’s Caixas may be the best option. If you prefer simplicity and accessibility in branches, Caixa’s Poupança may be more interesting.

Tips for saving money

Regardless of whether you choose Nubank or Poupança Caixa, there are some tips you can do to save money. Check out.

Start with a budget

To start saving money, it is essential to have a budget that helps you understand your expenses and identify areas where you can save.

Write down all your income and expenses, categorizing them by type (food, housing, transportation, leisure, etc.). Use online tools or apps to make this task easier.

Define goals

Have clear and specific goals for what you want to achieve with the money you are saving. This will help you stay focused and motivated to keep saving.

Create the habit of saving

Just like any other habit, saving money requires discipline and regularity. Set a fixed amount to be saved monthly, according to your budget and goals, and automatically transfer it to a specific account for this purpose.

Cut unnecessary expenses

Analyze your spending and identify areas where you can cut unnecessary expenses. Reducing spending on food, leisure and other superfluous items can help you free up more resources for your savings goals.

Increase your income

Consider ways to increase your income, such as looking for additional work, doing freelance work or investing in extra income.

Use savings tools

There are several tools available to help you save money, such as expense control apps, budget spreadsheets and savings accounts with more attractive returns.

Invest your money

Once you have an emergency fund, you can consider investing your money to make it go further. There are several investment options, such as fixed income, shares and investment funds.

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