New minimum wage for 2025 was leaked TODAY (27); CLTs are already celebrating the increase

Every year, the minimum wage receives adjustments in relation to its value, which is why many are waiting for the forecast to be released. Now the calculation has changed a little.

The recent publication of the projected value for the minimum wage in 2025 brought a wave of optimism among workers governed by the CLT.

With a proposal that exceeded expectations, the announcement marks a significant moment for labor law in Brazil, reinforcing the commitment to valuing the workforce and the well-being of employees. Check out.

The minimum wage is a very important benefit in Brazil, not only for those who receive it, but also for those who use it as a basis. Check out. / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The evolution of the minimum wage

Since its establishment by GetĂșlio Vargas in 1936, the minimum wage has served as a fundamental pillar of labor laws, guaranteeing fair remuneration for workers.

This value, which establishes the salary floor, is essential to ensure that companies adequately compensate their employees.

The impact of increasing the minimum wage

Initially, the projection for 2025 suggests an increase that could vary between R$1,435.00 and R$1,507.00, a notable increase. It reflects the ongoing effort to improve the purchasing power of Brazilian families.

This increase is a direct result of the policy of increasing the minimum wage, implemented through a decree signed by President Lula, which adjusts the value based on inflation and GDP growth.

How does the new calculation work?

In short, the new calculation of the minimum wage for 2024 adopts a valuation policy that includes inflation (3.85% until November) and real GDP growth from two previous years (3% in 2022), resulting in an increase for R$1,412.

This change follows the constitution, which requires adjustments at least for inflation to maintain purchasing power, and adds a real gain, a campaign promise from the Lula government.

This method seeks to ensure that the minimum wage meets the basic vital needs of workers, positively impacting the economy by increasing purchasing power.

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What does the minimum wage influence?

Furthermore, the minimum wage directly influences a series of payments in Brazil, serving as a reference for the remuneration of formal workers and social benefits.

It impacts the salaries of those who work with a formal contract, adjusting to the national minimum. Furthermore, it affects the calculation of retirements, pensions, and other social security benefits linked to their value, such as the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) and unemployment insurance.

It also determines the PIS/PASEP salary bonus. The update of the minimum wage reflects on purchasing power, influencing the economy as a whole, by defining the minimum that workers should receive. In other words, even those who receive more are also subject to its impacts.

In search of balance

It is essential that, as we celebrate this progress, we continue to talk about ways to ensure a sustainable balance between economic growth and social justice.

Increasing the minimum wage is an important step in this direction, but the path to a more prosperous and equal future requires the continued commitment of all sectors of society.

Keep an eye out for new changes!

The minimum wage projection for 2025 represents more than just a numerical increase; symbolizes a renewed commitment to the dignity of work and the appreciation of Brazilian workers.

As we prepare for this new chapter, we can only reflect on how we can, individually and collectively, contribute to building a fairer and more prosperous Brazil for all.

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