New minimum wage CHANGES the mandatory contribution for those who are MEI in 2024; know everything!

Find out how the new 2024 minimum wage affects your contribution as a MEI. Discover the updated DAS-MEI values ​​and prepare your finances!

The beginning of 2024 brought with it significant changes for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs) in Brazil.

The adjustment of the minimum wage to R$1,412.00 had a direct impact on the financial obligations of these entrepreneurs, creating the need for adjustments in their contributions.

Next, we will explore in detail how the new minimum wage affects the mandatory MEI contribution in 2024, providing crucial information for those who work in this category.

Understand the changes in DAS-MEI with the increase in the minimum wage in 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How does the minimum wage increase the mandatory contribution for those who are MEI?

With the minimum wage established at R$1,412.00 since January 2024, the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS-MEI) invoices due on February 20 of the same year have a new value.

This occurs because the monthly MEI contribution corresponds to 5% of the current minimum wage, which results in an increase in the amount to be paid.

Until the end of 2023, MEIs were accustomed to paying a monthly contribution of R$66.00. However, with the increase in the minimum wage, this value was adjusted to R$70.60.

Therefore, it is essential to highlight that this contribution encompasses not only the social security obligation, but also the possibility of accessing a series of benefits, such as:

Retirement; Maternity benefit; Sickness benefit; Death pension for dependents; and Prison aid.

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Other taxes on the DAS-MEI bill

In addition to the social security contribution, the DAS-MEI bill also includes the payment of specific taxes, the value of which varies according to the activity carried out by the MEI.

They are the ISS (Service Tax), worth R$5.00, and the ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services), which corresponds to R$1.00. These taxes are essential for the regularization of MEI activities and may vary according to the entrepreneur’s field of activity.

Segmentation of the DAS-MEI value in 2024 by sector of activity

To provide a more specific view on how the increase in the minimum wage impacts MEIs in different sectors, it is important to highlight that the total value of the DAS-MEI bill in 2024 varies according to the entrepreneur’s activity.

Below, see the values ​​segmented by sector of activity:

Commerce and Industry: R$ 71.60 Services: R$ 75.60 Commerce and Services: R$ 76.60

These values ​​represent the sum of the social security contribution, ISS and ICMS corresponding to each sector, reflecting the new financial scenario for MEIs in 2024.

Impact on MEI Truck Driver

It is important to highlight that the MEI Caminhoneiro will also undergo an adjustment, since its taxation is calculated based on 12% of the minimum wage.

The values ​​for this category vary between R$169.44 and R$175.44, depending on the type of product transported and the destination of the goods. ICMS and ISS remain the same for MEI Caminhoneiro.

Here are the DAS-MEI 2024 values ​​for the MEI Truck Driver, segmented according to the specificities of the category:

Municipal: R$ 174.44Outside the Municipality (intercity, interstate, international): R$ 170.44Dangerous products: R$ 175.44

These changes in the values ​​of MEI contributions and taxes in 2024 are essential for individual entrepreneurs to keep their obligations up to date and guarantee access to important social security benefits.

Therefore, it is essential that MEIs are aware of these changes and plan financially to comply with their tax obligations, considering their specific sector of activity.

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