New Law brings relief to elderly people when PURCHASING their dream brand new CAR

Find out how the new law makes it easier for seniors to buy new cars, bringing relief and joy. Check out essential tips to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Imagine the joy and relief that new legislation brings by enabling elderly people to purchase their new car with facilities never seen before. This scenario is no longer just a dream.

With the implementation of measures that favor the purchase of new vehicles by this portion of the population, reality promises to be transformed.

In the following lines, we will delve into the details of this new development and understand how it can benefit the lives of our beloved elderly people.

Seniors now have access to discounts and facilities when purchasing new cars thanks to recent measures. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

New Bill and the purchase of a 0 KM car

The initial proposal, although not passed, opened the door for important discussions. The initial focus was to exempt the Tax on Industrialized Products (IPI) for the elderly, allowing them to renew their vehicles every five years at more affordable prices.

Despite the setback in Bill 2937/2020, the conversation did not end there. She lit a flame of hope and showed the need for policies that support older people in their needs.

Fortunately, in Brazil, there are already measures that benefit people with disabilities when purchasing new vehicles, offering significant discounts.

These initiatives, validated by the National Council for Financial Policy (Confaz), guarantee discounts that can reach up to R$120 thousand, considering the ICMS rebate.

Since January 1, 2024, this facility has been available, thus marking a significant advance in inclusion and access to rights.

In addition to the benefits when purchasing, vehicle owners must be aware of the payment of IPVA 2024.

The tax, mandatory for everyone who has a vehicle in their name, can now be paid, ensuring regularity and avoiding future concerns.

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Tips for seniors when buying brand new cars

Research and compare: Before making your choice, research the available models and compare their prices and features. In other words, consider the cost-benefit and facilities offered to seniors. Incentives and discounts: Find out about all tax incentives and discounts available to seniors when purchasing new vehicles. In short, these advantages can make a big difference in the final price.Financial planning: Plan your purchase considering not only the value of the vehicle, but also maintenance, insurance and IPVA costs. Careful planning will ensure the purchase is sustainable in the long term.Test drive: Don’t forget to take a test drive. It is important to feel the comfort, drivability and check if the car meets all your needs and expectations. Negotiation: Be prepared to negotiate. Many dealerships offer special terms for seniors, including additional discounts, lower financing rates or free accessories.

Acquiring a new car represents not only the realization of a dream, but also an important contribution to the autonomy and quality of life of the elderly.

With the right policies and a little research and planning, it is possible to make this purchase in a smart and advantageous way.

Finally, this moment marks an important step in valuing and respecting the needs of a generation that contributed so much to society.

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