New iPhone virus STEALS facial biometrics data and accesses BANK accounts; see how to protect yourself

A new virus is invading iPhone cell phones to steal money directly from banking apps. He can bypass facial biometrics.

iPhone users, pay attention! A new virus, originally created for Android systems, has been modified and now threatens the security of iOS devices.

Capable of stealing the user’s Face ID, this trojan represents a significant risk, especially for those who use facial recognition to access bank accounts and other sensitive services. Check out.

If you have an iPhone, you better be careful not to come into contact with this dangerous new virus! / Photo: publicity

Threat adapted to iOS

At first, the trojan, known for its ability to extract valuable information from smartphones, evolved. Researchers discovered that in addition to collecting facial recognition data, it can identify documents and intercept SMS messages.

In this way, using facial swap services enabled by artificial intelligence, it creates deepfakes, combining this data with identification documents and interceptions, allowing unauthorized access to victims’ bank accounts.

How the virus can infiltrate your iPhone

Furthermore, the initial infection method was through the TestFlight application. When downloaded by the user, the Trojan installed itself on the device.

Although Apple removed this malware, criminals developed a new strategy: convincing victims to install a mobile device management profile. With this, the trojan gains full control over the device.

Risks and precautions

To date, this trojan’s malicious activity is concentrated on iPhones in Asia, especially Vietnam and Thailand. However, there are no guarantees that it will not expand to other regions.

In this sense, to avoid being a victim of this trojan, caution is recommended with TestFlight downloads and mobile device management profiles from unknown sources, until Apple completely neutralizes this threat.

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To protect your iPhone from viruses and other cyber threats, follow these essential tips: First, keep your operating system and applications up to date, taking advantage of Apple’s latest security fixes.

Only use the App Store to download applications, avoiding unofficial sources that may contain malicious software. Turn on two-step verification for your Apple ID, increasing the security of your device and associated accounts.

There is little care

Be cautious with links and attachments in emails or messages, even if they appear to come from trusted sources, as they could be phishing attempts.

Additionally, consider using a password manager to create and store strong, unique passwords for each service.

By the way, also make regular backups of your iPhone to protect your personal data in case of loss, theft or malware attack. By following these practices, you will minimize the risks of compromising your iPhone’s security.

Protect your iPhone!

Ultimately, this alert serves as a crucial reminder to all iPhone users about the importance of remaining vigilant and cautious with the apps and profiles they install on their devices.

The security of your smartphone is paramount, especially in an era where personal data is constantly targeted by cybercriminals. So stay informed and protect yourself against these emerging threats.

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