New ID has already been issued more than 3 million times, see how to issue yours in JUST 5 steps!

The new ID is a document that will replace the need to carry your registration and CPF separately. Some states are already issuing the new version.

Brazil is witnessing a transformative update to its identification system with the introduction of the new ID, a milestone that promises to modernize the way citizens are recognized and authenticated throughout the national territory.

With more than 35 million emissions already carried out, this innovative document brings with it a series of features and advantages that highlight its fundamental role in the digital era. Check out!

You now know how to request the new ID° See if your state already offers the document! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

A new era of security and modernity

Firstly, the renewed design of the new RG is not just a matter of aesthetics, but a leap towards improved safety. Incorporating state-of-the-art security elements, the document becomes a strong opponent against forgery attempts.

Furthermore, the inclusion of biometric data, such as fingerprints and digitized facial photographs, increases the level of accuracy in identifying citizens, reinforcing everyone’s security.

New ID technology at the service of citizens

Furthermore, the introduction of a QR Code in the new ID represents a significant advance, allowing quick and secure verification of document information through electronic devices.

This not only facilitates processes such as opening bank accounts and accessing public services, but also promotes greater efficiency in citizen authentication in various instances.

National standardization

Furthermore, the effort to establish a national standard with the new ID aims to guarantee greater interoperability between states, ensuring that the document maintains its authenticity and security in any corner of the country.

This uniformity is crucial for more reliable and consistent civilian identification across the nation.

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Which states already issue the new ID?

The Brazilian states that are already issuing the new National Identity Card (CIN) are:

Rio Grande do SulMinas GeraisParanáGoiásAcrePiauíPernambucoAmazonasMato GrossoRio de JaneiroSanta CatarinaAlagoas

In short, these states adopted the CIN, offering a single standard for citizen identification and integrating various information and documents into a single medium, using advanced technology such as blockchain to ensure security and practicality.

How to obtain the new ID?

To acquire the new ID, citizens must go to the civil identification agencies in their states.

To do this, they must have the necessary documentation, such as their previous identity document, birth or marriage certificate, CPF and proof of residence.

The process, in short, involves prior scheduling, collection of biometric data and, in some states, payment of fees.

Challenges and advances

Despite the success in issuing the new ID card, there are still challenges to be overcome, such as the adhesion of all states to issuing the document.

However, the advantages offered by the new ID, such as improved security, ease of verification, interoperability and modernization, highlight its importance in the evolution of identification systems in Brazil.

Finally, the new ID is a symbol of modernization and security in the identification of Brazilian citizens, promising to transform the way we interact with services and institutions in our daily lives.

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