New CPF law is already in force and takes EVERYONE by surprise; know more

Be surprised by the New CPF Law: now, only one document is needed to access public services in Brazil. Simplification and unification to make your life easier!

Since the beginning of 2024, new legislation has been the center of attention and takes everyone by surprise: the New CPF Law.

In short, this significant change brings with it a series of adjustments to bureaucratic procedures, aiming to simplify and unify official documents in Brazil.

Now, public bodies can no longer require documents other than the CPF in their registrations, which represents a true revolution in interactions between citizens and the State.

Discover how the New CPF Law is transforming bureaucracy in Brazil. Learn more about the changes that simplify and unify official documents. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

With the entry into force of Law 14,534/23, sanctioned by President Lula, the CPF becomes the only identification number valid in all official documents and for all relations with the State.

This measure implies a drastic simplification in processes, as for any public service request, simply inform your CPF, eliminating the need to present other documents such as:

RG;PIS; or Work card number.

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Ease of access to public services

The main objective behind the New CPF Law is to facilitate citizens’ access to public services, unifying databases and allowing citizens to only deal with a single document.

In short, this simplified approach aims to eliminate excessive bureaucracy and make services more efficient and accessible for all Brazilians.

Inclusion of the CPF in new documents

In addition to the exclusive use of the CPF as an identification number, the new legislation stipulates that the CPF must be present in new documents without the need to generate a new number.

This includes birth, marriage, death certificates, among other essential documents. This measure aims to ensure that the CPF is widely recognized and used in all spheres of everyday life.

Impact on Brazilian citizens abroad

The implementation of this law also impacts Brazilian citizens residing abroad. Without the CPF, it will not be possible to request some services at Embassies and Consulates.

However, the Federal Revenue Service offers an online process to request or check the registration status directly on its website, facilitating access to services even for those outside the country.

Adaptation deadlines and future implications

Despite already being in force, the new legislation established deadlines for bodies and entities to adapt to the new rules.

They have twelve months to adapt their systems and procedures for serving citizens, adopting the CPF as their identification number.

Furthermore, they have twenty-four months to modify the systems between registries and databases using the CPF registration number.

This transition, although challenging, promises to simplify and streamline bureaucratic processes across the country.

The New CPF Law represents a milestone in the simplification of bureaucratic processes and the modernization of public services in Brazil.

By unifying official documents under the CPF, it promotes greater efficiency and accessibility, ensuring that all citizens can benefit from State services more quickly.

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