Never waste time searching again!

Many people may end up forgetting where they left their car after parking. Fortunately, Google Maps can help with this!

Anyone who has never experienced the uncomfortable situation of forgetting where they parked their car in a large parking lot should cast the first stone!

Whether in shopping malls, supermarkets or events, the feeling of not finding your vehicle can be distressing. But thanks to Google Maps, this problem could become a thing of the past.

Therefore, if you consider yourself a person who easily forgets things, see below how to use the function that will be super useful in your everyday life.

Google Maps has released a function that stores where your car was parked. see how to use it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How to save your parked car location on Google Maps

Google Maps offers an extremely useful feature that allows you to save the exact location of your parked car.

With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can mark the location and even add observations such as the floor or sector where the car is. This is especially useful in large, cluttered parking lots.

Saving your location: with your car properly parked, open Google Maps and tap the blue dot that indicates your current position. Then, choose the "Save parking" option and add any notes you deem necessary to make it easier to locate later; Finding your car: to find your car, simply open Google Maps again and look for the "You parked here" option, represented by a ‘P’ icon on the map. If you have difficulty viewing, the in-app search will show the parking location at the top of the list.

Additional parking tips

Parking time: if parking is paid by the hour, you can add a reminder of the remaining time to collect the car, avoiding fines or extra charges; Location sharing: are you accompanied? You can share your parking location with others, making it easier to meet up after getting separated in large spaces.

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Other functions of Google Maps that few people know about

Google Maps is full of features that go beyond simple navigation. See three more interesting functions:

Save routes for later: firstly, this function allows you to plan your routes in advance and save them to use when you need them. This is especially useful for travel or to ensure you have the best routes available even without an internet connection; Check the best times to travel: Google Maps can then show you peak traffic times, helping you avoid congestions. This is done by analyzing historical traffic data, allowing you to choose the best time to leave home or work; Real-time location sharing: Additionally, this function increases security by allowing you to share your location with friends or family. They can track your journey in real time, ensuring they know exactly where you are, which is useful in emergency situations or simply to reassure those who care about you.

Finally, in addition to being a powerful ally in daily navigation, Google Maps stands out by offering features that simplify small everyday tasks, such as finding your parked car.

Try this function and turn a potential headache into a simple memory of the past.

And you, did you already know these Google Maps features? Share your experiences and how this tool helped in your daily life. Let’s exchange tips and make our days even more practical!

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