Negative announcement came out TODAY (02/15)

Find out how the new PIS action will affect NIS 1 to 0 workers with today’s announcement, 15/02. Check eligibility, consultation and withdrawal of the salary bonus for 2024.

In a relevant announcement made today, February 15, a new action related to PIS promises to impact workers with all Social Registration Numbers (NIS), from 1 to 0.

Understanding this benefit is crucial, especially at this time. In fact, PIS represents more than a simple benefit. It is an annual right for workers who meet certain criteria.

Imagine receiving an extra 13th salary? Well, that’s what PIS means for those who earn up to two minimum wages. Find out more below.

Understand the changes in PIS/Pasep for 2024 and see if you are among those affected by the recent announcement. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is PIS?

In summary, the Social Integration Program (PIS) is a fundamental initiative for Brazilian workers.

They finance benefits such as unemployment insurance and salary bonuses, functioning as a 13th salary for those who receive up to two minimum wages.

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Who is entitled to PIS?

For 2024, the rules have become stricter. Therefore, workers who do not meet the minimum requirements, such as having worked at least 30 days in the base year and receiving up to two minimum wages, will be left out.

In addition, you must be registered with PIS for at least five years and have the information correctly reported by the employer in RAIS or eSocial.

How to consult the PIS?

To avoid doubts, consult your PIS 2024. You can do this in several ways:

Online, through the CNIS website, selecting "citizen" and then "affiliate". Via the Meu INSS app, available for download at: INSS number 135 or 0800-726-0207 from Caixa Econômica Federal. Or, via the app Caixa Trabalhador (or Digital Work Card (

PIS Calendar 2024

Payment of the salary bonus will follow a calendar based on the month of birth, starting on February 15th and extending until December 27th, 2024.

In principle, this aims to facilitate access to the benefit, unifying processes for PIS. See below:

Birth month Receive from: They receive up to:
January 15/02/2024 27/12/2024
February 15/03/2024 27/12/2024
March 15/04/2024 27/12/2024
April 15/04/2024 27/12/2024
May 15/05/2024 27/12/2024
June 15/05/2024 27/12/2024
July 17/06/2024 27/12/2024
August 17/06/2024 27/12/2024
September 15/07/2024 27/12/2024
October 15/07/2024 27/12/2024
November 15/08/2024 27/12/2024
December 15/08/2024 27/12/2024

Procedures for withdrawing the salary bonus

To access your benefit, there are several options:

Using the Caixa Tem app, for a completely online operation. Directly at Caixa Econômica Federal or lottery agencies, presenting an identification document and PIS number. Or using the Citizen Card at ATMs.

Ultimately, this announcement reflects a significant change for Brazilian workers, directly affecting eligibility for the PIS salary bonus in 2024.

In this sense, we encourage everyone to check their eligibility conditions and prepare for the consultation and withdrawal procedures, thus ensuring access to this important benefit.

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