More than R$7 billion forgotten are still available for withdrawal, confirms Central Bank

Brazilians have not yet withdrawn all the forgotten money available from the Central Bank. Fortunately, there is still time to cash out online.

Did you know that a fortune worth R$75 billion is still waiting for you, hidden in the bowels of the financial system? Well, this is a little secret that the Central Bank has just revealed and, believe me, part of this money could be yours!

To access the amounts, you only need to check whether you actually have something to receive and, if so, request the withdrawal. See the step by step below!

The Central Bank is still providing consultation on forgotten values. See if you can receive it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The forgotten treasure of the Central Bank

Just imagine, millions of Brazilians, including individuals and companies, have money forgotten in bank accounts, consortia, brokerages, among other financial institutions.

Since November 2023, this amount has been accumulating and most of it is still there, waiting to be rescued from its rightful owners.

To date, around R$55 billion has already found its way back into the pockets of its owners, but there is still much more waiting.

Where is this money hidden?

You may be asking yourself, "But where is all this money hidden?" The answer is simpler than it seems.

In short, the biggest slice of the pie, around R$43 billion, is in the banks. Consortium administrators keep another R$21 billion.

Payment institutions, financial institutions, cooperatives, brokers, distributors and other financial entities share the rest.

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How to redeem your Central Bank treasury

Now, the million-dollar question: "How do I get back what's mine?" Don’t worry, there’s no need to go around like a pirate in search of lost treasure.

The Central Bank has simplified everything through the Receivable Values ​​System (SVR) on the website. Simply access the official platform, verify using your CPF or CNPJ and, if there is something in your name, request the redemption.

Furthermore, if there is none, the website will inform you immediately. And the best part, you can receive it via PIX or arrange it directly with the financial institution.

Furthermore, heirs have the opportunity to redeem forgotten values, totaling R$1.1 billion, left by deceased people.

Through the Values ​​Receivable System, executors, executors or legal representatives can check and request these resources.

The process requires agreement to a liability agreement, ensuring the legitimacy of the applicant. To access the amounts, it is necessary to follow specific steps on the Central Bank website, using the data of the deceased and the applicant.

It is important to highlight that contact with the debtor institutions is necessary for the redemption, and there is no fixed deadline for the return of the amounts.

Pay attention to details

However, it is crucial to be careful not to fall into traps. The SVR is the only official means to verify and request the redemption of forgotten values.

Therefore, be wary of any other miraculous promises that appear out there. And don’t forget: even amounts left by deceased people can be redeemed by heirs or legal representatives, following the appropriate procedure.

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