More than half of the vacancies in the 'Enem dos competições' DO NOT require a specific degree; know everything!

Discover the opportunities of the "Enem of competitions", where more than 60% of higher education places are open for any degree.

The era of public examinations is evolving, and the newest innovation in this field is the emergence of the so-called "Enem dos Concursos".

In short, this revolutionary model offers a unique opportunity for a wide range of candidates, regardless of their specific degree field.

Surprisingly, more than 60% of available higher-level positions do not require a specific degree, opening doors to a variety of candidates with different academic backgrounds.

Find out everything about the "Enem of competitions", a new era for those seeking public positions without the need for a specific degree. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

First of all, it is important to highlight that this flexibility is a significant milestone in access to public positions.

This is because candidates with higher education degrees from any area can apply for these vacancies, making the process more inclusive and diverse.

However, it is important to highlight that, for some positions, postgraduate, master’s and doctorate degrees can be crucial to increasing the candidate’s final score.

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Enem of competitions: an overview of vacancies

The general panorama of opportunities is vast, with salaries varying between R$5,200 and R$22,900, reflecting the diversity of positions available.

Some of these positions may require specializations in specific areas, but most are open to any field of knowledge.

This unique feature of the "Enem of competitions" democratizes access to high-level jobs, potentially transforming the profile of the Brazilian public service.

In addition to academic training, previous professional experience can be a differentiator for some vacancies.

However, the main requirement is adaptation to the training required for the position. It is essential that candidates thoroughly check the requirements of each vacancy before applying.

Chances for technologists

Another interesting point is the inclusion of technologists, who are considered to have higher education, in the list of eligible candidates. This is as long as the notice does not specify a more advanced degree.

These changes represent an important step in valuing different levels of education and experience.

How will the Enem competitions work?

The competition structure allows candidates to apply for multiple positions in different federal agencies with a single application fee.

This facility is organized into thematic blocks, simplifying the process for candidates and ensuring that they can choose specific areas of interest.

Social inclusion is also a striking feature of this event. A percentage of vacancies is reserved for people with disabilities and black candidates.

Furthermore, there is still a special quota for indigenous people at Funai. These measures aim to promote equal opportunities and reflect a commitment to diversity in the public service.


Finally, registration for the competition is open until next Friday, February 9th, with the possibility of changing choices until that date.

The tests will be held in May, in several cities in Brazil, organized by the Cesgranrio Foundation.

The detailed schedule, including dates for registration, publication of results and start of the call for inauguration, is available in the notices and on the official website.

Interested candidates or those with questions can access the official service channel of the Ministry of Management.

In conclusion, this competition represents a significant opportunity for many Brazilians, marking an advancement in the way public competitions are conducted in the country.

With the wide range of vacancies available and the flexibility in terms of training requirements, the "Enem of competitions" is set to be a game changer in the public competitions scenario in Brazil.

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