Minimum wage of R$2,134.88? CLTs are celebrating victory

Discover how the new minimum wage of R$2,134.88 is boosting the appreciation of workers in different sectors. Learn about the benefiting groups and the implications of this readjustment for the economy.

The minimum wage, in addition to being a central element in the economy of any country, directly reflects on the quality of life of workers.

In Brazil, this value is periodically readjusted to guarantee minimum purchasing power and keep up with inflation.

However, for some Brazilian workers, the beginning of 2024 brought not just an adjustment, but a significant appreciation, with the establishment of a new regional minimum wage. See below.

Understand the significant changes in the minimum wage in 2024, with adjustments that benefit various occupations. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

NEWS in the minimum wage: values ​​increase to up to R$ 2,134.88

The readjustment of the regional minimum wage in Paraná, made official by Decree (4770/2024), is the result of a process that considers not only the national minimum, but also the economic reality of the state and the need to value workers.

As a result, the table now ranges from R$1,856.94 to R$2,134.88, marking an important achievement for CLTs.

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The benefits for workers in different sectors

Divided into groups of workers, Paraná’s new regional minimum wage covers a variety of occupations, from Agricultural Workers to Mid-Level Technicians.

This division reflects the different demands and realities of each sector of the Paraná economy, ensuring a fair and equitable adjustment for all workers.

Group by group: understanding the changes

Group I: Agricultural, Forestry and Fishing Workers. This group receives an adjustment to R$1,856.94, representing a significant increase compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the amendment recognizes the importance of these activities for the state’s economy. Group II: Administrative Service Workers, Domestic Services, Commercial Salespeople and Repair and Maintenance Workers. Namely, the group has its minimum wage adjusted to R$ 1,927.02, reflecting the diversity and importance of these occupations for the labor market in Paraná. Group III: Workers in the Production of Industrial Goods and Services. These also receive an increase, with the new minimum wage set at R$ 1,989.86, recognizing the fundamental role of these professionals in the state’s industry. Group IV: Finally, Mid-Level Technicians, essential for various sectors of the economy, have your minimum wage adjusted to R$2,134.88, representing not only a financial gain, but also a recognition of your qualifications and importance for the economic development of Paraná.

Adjustment in the minimum wage brings a new perspective for workers in Paraná

The new regional minimum wage in Paraná not only represents a salary increase, but also an appreciation of work and an improvement in the quality of life of workers.

In short, this achievement is the result of a joint effort to ensure a fairer distribution of income and promote social well-being.

Thus, CLTs can celebrate this victory, which marks an important step in building a more just and egalitarian society.

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