MEI's fine mesh is already starting to act; workers will be excluded

Fine meshing of the MEI can result in the loss of the CNPJ and other very negative consequences! Understand what to do to avoid this problem.

The year 2024 brought with it important changes in Brazil’s economic and fiscal scenario, and one of them is having a major impact on individual microentrepreneurs, the MEIs.

The much talked about "MEI fine mesh" came into force even before the Income Tax and is already excluding millions of workers from Simples Nacional. Below, you can understand what is happening and how it affects those who depend on this special tax regime.

Everything about MEI’s fine mesh! Credit: plasticaxe.

The success of the MEI model in Brazil

The Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) is a business model that has won over millions of entrepreneurs in Brazil. With facilities for formalization and simplified taxation, the MEI allowed many people to leave the informal sector and be able to undertake business legally and with less bureaucracy.

However, this facility brought with it the responsibility of keeping obligations up to date, including the payment of taxes. And that's where the "MEI fine mesh" became relevant.

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MEI’s fine mesh in action

According to press information, individual microentrepreneurs had until last Wednesday, January 31, 2024, to settle any debts with the Federal Revenue, even before the Income Tax season.

Those who did not comply with this obligation were automatically excluded from Simples Nacional and excluded from the MEI Collection System, Simei.

This exclusion prevents MEIs from generating invoices for the services provided, which could significantly impact their commercial activities.

However, there is an opportunity to return to the taxation regime, as long as the necessary steps are followed.

How to regularize the MEI and issue notes again?

To regularize the situation and return to being part of Simples Nacional, MEI must follow the following steps:

Pay off all debts and make two return requests: one through Simples Nacional and the other through Simei. It is possible to consult MEI debts through the Simples Nacional Portal – Simei. Access the DAS Generator Program (PGMEI) and use the Extract/Pending Consultation menu. In PGMEI, it is possible to generate the guide for paying debts to the Federal Revenue Service. Furthermore, on the same platform, it is possible to request payment in installments of the amounts owed.

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Solve your problems so you don’t fall into the trap

The "MEI fine mesh" arrived to remind individual microentrepreneurs of the importance of keeping their tax obligations up to date.

The ease of being a MEI brings with it the responsibility of complying with tax commitments to ensure the full functioning of the business.

If you are a MEI and found yourself excluded from Simples Nacional, don’t waste time and follow the necessary steps to regularize the situation as quickly as possible.

This way, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of this simplified tax regime and continue your entrepreneurial path in a legal and successful way.

After all, being up to date with the IRS is essential to the success of your business as a MEI. Ask your questions at

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