MEI class has a maximum deadline to regularize the Simples Nacional; check out!

Brazilians who fall into the category must respect the deadline stipulated by the Federal Revenue to adapt to Simples Nacional. Understand.

Individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) and microenterprises must maintain fiscal regularity. This way, they are able to remain in Simples Nacional – a simplified and reduced taxation system.

Even so, many Brazilians in the MEI class fail to pay their debts to the IRS. The body set January 31st as the deadline to regularize the Simples Nacional.

However, the IRS announced good news for the category: the extension of this deadline. The measure can benefit MEI, facilitating access to credit lines. Continue reading this article to find out what the new date is and how to resolve any outstanding issues.

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Government announces new deadline for MEI class to regularize Simples Nacional

Originally, the deadline for MEIs and micro companies registered with Simples Nacional to regularize their debts was February 5th of this year. However, the IRS extended the date to March 5, 2024.

In the same week as the announcement of the extension, the Desenrola PJ program appears. The initiative was developed through collaboration between the Ministry of Microenterprise Entrepreneurship (ME&P) and entities such as Comicro and Conampe.

According to the ministry, the objective is to facilitate financial regularization and provide more accessible credit lines, supporting the sustainable growth of these businesses.

Steps to regularization

With the extended deadline, MEIs can avoid exclusion from Simples Nacional. Here are the essential steps to ensure fiscal regularity and take advantage of the financial support opportunities offered by the Desenrola PJ program.

The first step involves a careful review of outstanding debts. Access the Entrepreneur Portal to check your tax status and the total amount owed:

After identifying the debts, explore the available installment options. The Desenrola PJ program promises to facilitate this process, offering favorable conditions so that MEIs can settle their debts.

With the debts paid off or in installments, MEIs can proceed with the process of reclassification into Simples Nacional. This is crucial to ensure tax benefits and continue operating legally.

How to become a microentrepreneur

The first step is to register on the Entrepreneur Portal, on – a portal with all Federal Government services. It is worth highlighting that Brazilians need to check whether their activity is permitted by the Federal Revenue Service.

Then, he must pay the mandatory contribution – the DAS (Simples Nacional Collection Document). Every month, MEI must pay 5% of the minimum wage to DAS.

Furthermore, the DAS payment includes ISS (Service Tax) and ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services) taxes, which reach R$6 per month.

Advantages of subscribing to the category

As already mentioned, MEI has access to a reduced and simplified tax burden through Simples Nacional. The DAS also serves as a social security contribution. In other words, he is entitled to INSS (National Social Security Institute) benefits.

Another important point is the credibility of the business. When regularizing, the self-employed person can access the Federal Government’s Invoice system. By issuing notes, he increases his range of customers and can provide services to other companies.

Finally, there are specific lines of credit for companies registered with Simples Nacional. Interest rates are usually lower than those charged in the financial market.

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