MEI app allows you to issue invoices in a simplified way

The new MEI app makes issuing invoices even simpler. To do this, just download it and start using it on a daily basis. The step by step is easy!

Have you, an individual microentrepreneur (MEI), ever imagined being able to issue your electronic invoices directly from your cell phone, in a simplified way and without additional costs?

This reality has just arrived to make life easier for the approximately 13 million MEIs active in Brazil! See how to use the MEI app.

Do you already know how to use the MEI app? See how to issue invoices in a simple way! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

A revolution in issuing tax documents

In principle, the launch of the Nota Fiscal Fácil (NFF) application, by Procergs – Information and Communication Technology Center of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, is a true revolution for MEIs.

This tool allows the free issuance of Electronic Invoices (NFe) and Electronic Consumer Invoices (NFCe) via cell phone, ensuring more agility and less bureaucracy in the entrepreneur’s daily life.

Fulfilling obligations through the MEI app

In addition to facilitating the issuance process, the application helps the MEI to fulfill its tax obligations much more conveniently.

With it, it is possible to issue tax documents for various operations, such as sale, shipment, return and return of goods, all without the need to purchase a digital certificate or specific software.

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For whom is the NFF mandatory?

According to Resolution No. 169, published last year, the MEI must issue the Electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e) in the case of providing services to legal entities.

For services provided to individuals, issuing the note is optional, which brings more flexibility to the micro-entrepreneur.

How to access the MEI app?

The NFF application is available free of charge for both Android and iOS available on the website (Access is facilitated by logging in with an account on the portal, ensuring security and practicality.

In addition to the module for MEIs, the application also has exclusive modules for autonomous cargo transporters, rural producers and retailers registered with Simples Nacional.

Don’t miss this facility!

Furthermore, if you are a MEI and haven’t heard of this new feature yet, don’t waste any more time. Download the app, simplify the issuance of your invoices and keep your company up to date with its tax obligations.

This is a unique opportunity to make managing your business even more efficient and hassle-free.

Staying informed about the news and facilities available for your category is essential for the success of your enterprise.

Take advantage of technologies to your advantage and take a step forward in organizing and growing your business. Download NFF and experience the simplicity and efficiency of issuing your invoices!

Don’t forget the annual declaration!

Finally, the Simples Nacional Annual Declaration for Individual Microentrepreneurs (DASN-SIMEI) is now available to be delivered to the Federal Revenue by MEIs.

This document is crucial, as it summarizes the entrepreneur’s entire annual revenue, and is essential for the business’s fiscal regularity.

Delivery of the DASN-SIMEI is an annual obligation for all individual micro-entrepreneurs, ensuring the maintenance of benefits and rights linked to this business category.

To issue, it is important to access the official Simples Nacional website (and send the data by May 31st. So, don’t miss the deadline! It is important that MEIs pay attention to the delivery deadline to avoid fines and complications with the Revenue Federal.

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