MEC program can finance 100% of tuition fees at private colleges; know everything!

New MEC program promises to revolutionize access to higher education, financing 100% of tuition fees for low-income students. Find out how to benefit from this initiative.

Have you ever heard of Fies Social? Well, the Ministry of Education (MEC) brought something new that promises to change the lives of many Brazilian students.

With a focus on inclusion and opportunity, the Federal Government’s new program aims to facilitate access to higher education.

Curious to know what it’s all about? So, follow us! In the following lines, we will dive into this news together.

The MEC launches Fies Social, offering full financing for low-income students at private colleges. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

MEC launches NEW program

Until recently, student financing offered by the Federal Government only covered part of the tuition fees at private higher education institutions.

In this context, many students found it difficult to pay the remaining amount. Fortunately, this reality is about to change.

This is because, from the second half of 2024, a new era begins with Fies Social. Overall, this program is a true gift for low-income students.

After all, it offers the possibility of financing 100% of college costs. Now, just imagine the peace of mind of being able to graduate without worrying about heavy monthly fees during your studies?

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What is FIES Social?

In short, Fies Social is a significant evolution in relation to what we knew.

Previously, the scope of funding was limited, not fully meeting the needs of the most needy students. But that’s the past!

With the new program, anyone with a per capita family income of up to half the minimum wage and registered with CadÚnico can breathe a sigh of relief.

How does FIES Social work?

Previously, the dream of graduation seemed distant for many, with only partial coverage of educational costs. Now, Fies Social promises to cover 100% of monthly fees for those most in need.

That’s right, 100%! What’s more: the program establishes funding limits per semester, but ensures that no one is left out for financial reasons.

Benefits and opportunities of the new MEC program

In addition to full financing, Fies Social brings other new features.

There is a reserve of places in each selection process for candidates with disabilities and for those self-declared as black, mixed race, indigenous and quilombola.

Celso Niskier, from the Brazilian Association of Higher Education Supporters, highlights the importance of this change.

According to Celso, the adjustment to the rules revitalizes Fies as an instrument of social inclusion, opening doors for those who need it most.

How many students will benefit from FIES Social?

The MEC is yet to detail the number of vacancies, but has already announced that half of them will be allocated to Fies Social.

Not to mention the intention to gradually expand the income range covered, increasing the range of beneficiaries.

Ultimately, Fies Social is more than a financing program; It is a bridge to the future, a path to realizing dreams.

With it, higher education becomes more accessible, promoting equal opportunities. If you fit the criteria, keep an eye on the dates and get ready to embrace this chance.

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