Measure sweat with the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch could be about to receive an innovative sweat measurement feature, according to a recently published patent application. This advance promises to offer valuable data for athletes and people interested in adequate post-exercise hydration.

With the ability to measure sweat, the Apple Watch is positioned as a pioneering device in health tracking, helping users optimize their performance and recovery after exercise.

Why measure sweat?

Perspiration measurement has multiple applications. From breathalyzer tests to medical diagnoses such as cystic fibrosis, where chloride levels in sweat are decisive. But beyond medical uses, understanding sweat volume can reveal a lot about physical fitness and the need for hydration during and after exercise.

Apple’s proposal

The patent application describes a system integrated into a wearable device, clearly identified as the Apple Watch, capable of measuring sweat using electrodes that analyze the capacitance generated by perspiration on the skin. This technology could revolutionize the way users monitor their health and physical performance.

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The introduction of sweat measurement on the Apple Watch underscores Apple’s focus on innovation and wellness, allowing users to more effectively manage their health during exercise.

Benefits of measuring sweat

This system would not only help optimize hydration during physical activities, but would also offer a new dimension in health and fitness tracking, allowing users to better tailor their exercise and recovery routines.

Although Apple patents numerous innovations, it is important to remember that not all of them reach the market. However, the ability to measure sweat with the Apple Watch underscores Apple’s continued commitment to health and technology.

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