Lula's decree drives INSS retirees to CRAZY! Understand the president's statement

Understand how President Lula’s new decree is transforming the lives of INSS retirees, bringing ease and security. Learn more about the changes and how they affect you!

Have you heard about President Lula’s most recent decree related to the INSS? So, get ready!

For many, it was an unexpected change, bringing a mixture of relief and surprise. Curious to know what it’s all about?

In the following lines, we will delve into this news and understand why INSS retirees are reacting so intensely.

INSS retirees, pay attention: the recent presidential decree promises to alleviate your concerns about proof of life. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The revolution in the INSS system: relief for retirees

First of all, it is important to make it clear that the new policy adopted by the government in relation to the INSS is a true watershed.

In this way, gone are the days when retirees and pensioners worried about proving their lives.

In short, this change is more than a simple bureaucratic change; It is a transformation in the daily lives of millions of Brazilians.

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INSS now goes to retirees

As of 2022, the INSS has assumed a new responsibility: proactively confirming the "proof of life" of its beneficiaries.

This innovative step means that more than 2.9 million policyholders have already been notified digitally. A measure that, without a doubt, simplifies the lives of retirees.

Transparency and communication: INSS's priority

The focus on transparency is evident. In other words, INSS leaves no one in the dark, sending clear information to those not yet located in the databases.

We are talking about an approach that involves more than 4 million people, a commendable effort in transparency and communication.

Hassle-free data update

Thanks to this new policy, updating your data with the INSS has never been easier. Retirees no longer need to travel to branches.

Instead, the INSS takes the initiative, carrying out home visits to verify information, a clear example of a public service that meets citizens’ needs.

Data crossing: efficiency and security

To avoid random suspensions of benefits, the INSS expanded the cross-checking of information from its databases with other government sources.

This integration shows significant progress in the efficient management of benefits, prioritizing the safety and well-being of retirees.

How will Proof of Life work in 2024?

The 2024 proof of life system promises to be revolutionary, using data from reliable government sources.

Retirees will be able to use various means to prove their existence, from apps to health services, demonstrating the government’s commitment to adapting to new technologies and including all citizens.

Multiple options for Proof of Life

Retirees now have several options for carrying out proof of life: from certified applications to in-person consultations and telemedicine.

Namely, this variety of choices reflects the government’s commitment to convenience and accessibility for all retirees.

This decree brings additional benefits. Reduces the risk of fraud, as data verification is more rigorous and frequent.

Furthermore, constant updating of information ensures that benefits are received by those who are truly entitled, protecting the system against abuse.

In conclusion, this change in the INSS represents much more than a simple change in process. It is also an advancement in the way the government takes care of its retirees.

Now, retirees can enjoy their golden years with greater peace of mind, knowing the system is working in their favor.

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