Lot of free municipal BUS cards: see how to request

Free public transport is an important right that guarantees mobility for the elderly and contributes to their quality of life. Find out who can apply for bus cards.

The Government approved the release of a new batch of bus cards for the elderly, focusing on individuals aged between 60 and 64 years old. The extension aims to improve accessibility and mobility for this age group.

Previously, the benefit of free public transport was restricted to people aged 65 or over, as established by the Elderly Statute since 2003. The new measure represents a significant advance.

Continue reading this article to find out who can access the free bus card for seniors.

Government releases free bus cards for seniors – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Discover all the details of the free bus card for seniors

To request a bus card for the elderly, the process is simple and involves registering on the city hall website, providing basic documents such as ID, CPF, proof of residence and an updated photo.

For seniors between 60 and 64 years old, the benefit is already included in the existing Bilhete Único, further simplifying access to free public transport.

In addition to free urban public transport, the Elderly Statute guarantees other benefits.

Some examples are: free places or discounts on interstate travel, preferential service in various services, the right to a companion during hospital stays, access to free medicines, tax discounts, and half-price tickets to cultural and sporting events.

These measures reinforce the commitment to the dignity, respect and well-being of the elderly, promoting their active participation and quality of life in society.

BPC: a right for the elderly

In addition to the bus card, seniors can count on the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC).

This is an important social protection program of the Federal Government, provided for in the 1988 Federal Constitution and regulated by the Organic Social Assistance Law (LOAS).

The BPC guarantees a minimum monthly wage for people with disabilities and elderly people aged 65 or over who are unable to provide for themselves and their families.

These are the requirements to be entitled to the BPC.

Age: 65 years or more for seniors and any age for people with disabilities. Per capita family income: equal to or less than 1/4 of the minimum wage. Disability: for people with disabilities, the disability must be long-term and incapacitate for work.Residence in Brazil: for at least 2 years.

How to apply

The BPC can be requested online via the INSS website or at any INSS agency. To request the benefit, you must present the following documents:

Identity document; Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF); Proof of residence; Birth or marriage certificate; Medical report for people with disabilities.

Order evaluation

The INSS will analyze the request and carry out a medical examination to verify whether the person with a disability meets the program requirements. The decision on granting the BPC is made by the INSS.

BPC payment

The BPC is paid monthly through Caixa Econômica Federal. The value of the benefit is one minimum wage.

Importance of BPC

The BPC is a fundamental program to guarantee social protection for people with disabilities and elderly people in situations of social vulnerability. The benefit contributes to improving the quality of life of these people, allowing them to have access to essential goods and services.

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