List REVEALS today (15/02) the next national and Brazilian holidays are already starting to celebrate

Brazil will still have a series of upcoming important holidays throughout the year, which is just beginning. Next month, for example, there will already be some!

After the excitement of Carnival, many are already looking at what the 2024 calendar has in store for us in terms of holidays.

The good news is that we still have some scheduled breaks to recharge our batteries throughout the year. However, it’s worth noting that 2024 won’t be as generous with long holidays. See below!

Do you already know what the next public holidays are in Brazil? See the full list and wait! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Upcoming Brazilian holidays

In principle, holidays are something that Brazilians look forward to a lot because they are a new chance to rest during the week. See below which ones are due to arrive soon!

A break in March

First of all, the next holiday on the horizon is the Passion of the Christ, which will fall on Friday, March 29th.

This will guarantee us a long weekend, ideal for those looking for some time for reflection or just some well-deserved rest after the first few months of the year.

Upcoming holidays for the rest of the year

Unfortunately, after the Passion of Christ, only the Proclamation of the Republic in November will offer us a holiday attached to the weekend.

Therefore, other important holidays such as Tiradentes, Brazilian Independence, Nossa Senhora Aparecida and All Souls’ Day, unfortunately, will fall on weekends, while Labor Day, Black Consciousness and Christmas will be on Wednesdays.

Complete calendar with upcoming holidays

Now, see below what the next holidays are and when they will fall on weekdays:

01/01 – Universal Fraternization: Monday 12/02 – Carnival: Monday 29/03 – Passion of Christ: Friday 21/04 – Tiradentes: Sunday 01/05 – Labor Day: Wednesday 30/05 – Corpus Christi: Thursday07/09 – Independence of Brazil: Saturday12/10 – Our Lady of Aparecida: Saturday02/11 – All Souls’ Day: Saturday15/11 – Proclamation of the Republic: Friday20/11 – Black Consciousness: Wednesday25/12 – Christmas: Wednesday -fair

As you can see, 2024 will not be as kind to time off as 2023 was. However, there are still some dates to take advantage of!

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What’s new in the calendar

Furthermore, a point to highlight is that, from 2024, Black Awareness Day, celebrated on November 20, gained a new level in 2024 by being officially recognized as a national holiday.

This date, which honors Zumbi dos Palmares, leader of Quilombo dos Palmares and symbol of resistance against slavery, will now be part of Brazil’s official holiday calendar.

In short, the inclusion of this date as a national holiday, sanctioned by President Lula, represents a significant milestone in the fight for racial equality and appreciation of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Previously, the observance of Black Awareness Day depended on municipal or state regulations, and was not considered optional at the national level.

In this sense, with this change, Brazil takes an important step towards recognition and historical justice for the black community, emphasizing the need for reflection and awareness about racial issues in the country.

Strategies to enjoy the upcoming holidays

Finally, even with a less favorable calendar for lovers of long holidays, we can still find ways to enjoy these breaks.

Planning and creativity will be our best allies to maximize rest and leisure, whether on holidays or optional points.

Now that you’re up to date with the upcoming 2024 holidays, how do you plan to enjoy them? Even without many bridges, every day off is a golden opportunity to enjoy life, whether resting, traveling or investing in hobbies and time with family. Let’s make every moment count!

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