List reveals, TODAY (02/21), 14 states with ethanol Ethanol more advantageous than gasoline

There are times when ethanol is more advantageous than gasoline, in several Brazilian states. And, for those who have a flex-fuel vehicle, these are great opportunities to fill up the tank.

Due to the recent rise in gasoline prices, ethanol is more advantageous in no less than 14 Brazilian states and the Federal District, offering an economic and environmentally sustainable alternative for all drivers and owners of flex-fuel vehicles.

This change in the fuel landscape reflects a very specific combination of pricing policies, incentives for the use of renewable energy and the efficiency of vehicles that support both types of fuel.

Ethanol itself is produced from sugar cane. Therefore, in addition to being a renewable source of energy, it also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint, making it a conscious choice for a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, here’s what everyone wants to know: in which states, exactly, are the prices for this fuel in question the most attractive? The answer is in the following article!

Ethanol is more advantageous on some occasions, and in different parts of the country | Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

States Where Ethanol Is More Advantageous

According to the most recent data, obtained through a fuel calculator developed by Portal G1, the states where ethanol is currently more advantageous compared to gasoline are:

AcreAlagoasBahiaFederal DistrictEspirito SantoGoiásMato GrossoMato Grosso do SulMinas GeraisParaíbaParanáRio de JaneiroSão PauloSergipeTocantins

It is important to understand that this advantage is always calculated based on the average price of fuel, considering that ethanol becomes more economically advantageous when it costs up to 70% of the price of gasoline.

This criterion is based on the calorific value of each fuel, indicating how much energy can be extracted per unit of mass.

The Smart Choice for Drivers

If ethanol is more advantageous in these states, opting for it not only benefits the consumer’s wallet, but is also an initiative that directly supports the production of clean and renewable energy.

But, of course: the decision of which fuel to use, although influenced by general rules, is also personal and depends on some very specific factors, such as the performance you want to obtain, the climatic conditions and technical specificities of each vehicle.

Decision Support Tools

The aforementioned G1 fuel calculator is a really useful tool, allowing drivers to simulate which fuel option is most economical based on current prices.

This technological resource encourages consumers to make choices that are more focused on important information, potentially more economical and environmentally responsible.

Just do a search for it on the internet to find tips on how to access and use it correctly.

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Brief Reflection on the Energy Future

The preference for ethanol in the aforementioned states signals a possible change in vehicle energy consumption habits in Brazil, pointing to a transition towards more sustainable alternatives.

This fuel stands out as a promising choice, aligning savings with environmental responsibility.

The assertive choice is more than a question of cost: it is a decision that reflects environmental priorities and the vision for the future of mobility.

Ethanol is more advantageous particularly in the 14 states mentioned and in the Federal District, which therefore reinforces the fact that it is also an advantageous option both economically and environmentally, standing out as a key component in the journey towards a more sustainable future.

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