List REVEALS the next holidays in 2024; check out the list!

Carnival is coming to an end and many Brazilians are already wanting to know what the next holidays will be in 2024. Check out the complete list.

With Carnival coming to an end, eyes are eagerly turning to the upcoming holidays in 2024. This year promises to be peculiar, with a reduced number of long holidays, challenging Brazilians to carefully plan their breaks.

Anticipation grows as we search the calendar for opportunities to extend our well-deserved rest. Between national holidays and optional points, planning becomes essential to maximize leisure time.

This article covers the 2024 national calendar, highlighting the most anticipated dates and offering tips to make the most of each opportunity for time off during the year.

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What are the public holidays in 2024?

The 2024 calendar has ten national holidays, but only three of them allow for extended days off, including the past National Celebration Day.

Carnival, it is worth mentioning, is not considered a holiday and is optional. Therefore, only the Passion of Christ and the Proclamation of the Republic remain as opportunities for long holidays.

Most holidays fall on weekends or Wednesdays, limiting the chances of longer getaways. This year, Black Awareness Day, November 20th, became a national holiday, expanding the calendar of official days off.

This scenario suggests advance planning for those who want to maximize their rest days.

Optional points and local holidays offer additional opportunities for time off, depending on municipal or state laws.

For example, Corpus Christi, an optional point, may be considered a local holiday in some places. Essential services, however, are maintained so as not to harm the population.

Planning is key

To make the most of the 2024 holidays, it is essential to mark the dates on the calendar and be aware of local holiday possibilities.

Planning ahead can be the difference between an ordinary day off and an opportunity for extended rest.

Valuing the weekends

With holidays falling on weekends, there is a chance to value these days for rest and leisure. Organizing short but meaningful activities can make up for the lack of long holidays.

After all, what are optional points?

The difference between a holiday and an optional period lies mainly in the obligation to comply. Here is a detailed explanation of each term.


A holiday is a date on which activities such as work and, in many cases, school classes are officially suspended by law at the municipal, state or federal level.

On holidays, the suspension of activities is mandatory for all public and private sectors, unless otherwise specified in legislation or collective bargaining agreements.

Holidays can be of a religious, civic or cultural nature and are established by law.

Facultative point

The optional point, on the other hand, is a date on which the government exempts public employees from attending work, without prejudice to their salary.

However, for the private sector and other levels of government other than the one that decreed the optional point, whether or not to follow the exemption is optional.

Private companies, for example, may decide to maintain their operations normally or release their employees. Optional points are common on the eve of important holidays or on specific commemorative dates, such as Carnival.

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