List reveals all diseases that can guarantee EXCLUSIVE payment from the Federal Government

According to the Federal Government, Brazilians with these diseases can receive an exclusive payment. Check the criteria.

The Federal Government has an exclusive benefit for Brazilians who have certain types of diseases. It is worth noting that to have access, however, the citizen must meet the eligibility criteria.

Another important point is that this benefit can also be granted to the elderly. Continue reading this article to check all the rules.

These diseases guarantee payment from the Federal Government – ​​Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), a federal government initiative, represents important financial support for specific groups of citizens in situations of social and economic vulnerability.

To qualify for the BPC, specific criteria must be met, with emphasis on the individual’s income condition, which must be part of a family with a monthly income of, at most, R$353 per person.

Inclusion in the Single Registry is an essential step towards releasing the benefit, requiring face-to-face procedures at a CRAS unit.

In 2024, the BPC is aimed at seniors over 65 years of age and people with disabilities, also covering citizens unable to work due to specific health conditions.

In this context, a medical examination at the INSS is mandatory to prove incapacity for work and, consequently, the right to the benefit.

Among the diseases that confer the right to BPC payment, serious conditions stand out that significantly impact the quality of life and income-generating capacity of those affected.

This complete list of BPC-eligible diseases reflects the government’s commitment to providing financial support to those facing significant health challenges, while ensuring a minimum of economic security.

The implementation of the BPC as a social protection mechanism emphasizes the importance of inclusive public policies, aimed at supporting the most vulnerable segments of the population.

That said, check out the list of diseases.

Mental alienation; Rheumatoid arthritis; Severe heart disease; Blindness; Radiation contamination based on conclusion of specialized medicine; Chagas disease; Crohn’s disease; Huntington’s disease; Parkinson’s disease; Refractory epilepsy; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); Multiple sclerosis ; );Bipolar disorder;Active tuberculosis.

BPC is social assistance guaranteed by the Brazilian Federal Constitution and regulated by the Organic Social Assistance Law (LOAS), aimed at elderly people and people with disabilities who live in situations of economic vulnerability.

To be eligible for the BPC, applicants must meet specific criteria for illness, age and income. Check out.

For People with Disabilities:The disability condition is assessed by both medical and social criteria, through an examination carried out by the INSS and a social assessment.For the elderly:The applicant must be 65 years of age or over.Family income:Both for people with disabilities or illnesses, as well as for the elderly, the income criterion requires that the per capita family income is less than 1/4 of the current minimum wage. This means that the total sum of income of everyone living in the same house, divided by the number of people, cannot exceed this value. Registration in CadÚnico: Interested parties must be registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico), which allows the government to identify and better understand the living conditions of low-income families.

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