List REVEALS the 9 cars most wanted by criminals for robbery

Explore the list of cars most wanted by criminals for theft and see how to protect your vehicle from being the next target. Ensure safety with our guidelines.

Have you ever wondered which cars attract the most attention from criminals for theft? The answer may surprise many drivers and car lovers.

In a scenario where security is increasingly valued, knowing which models are at the top of the theft list is essential.

So, read on and discover with the 9 cars most sought after by criminals for theft.

Vehicles on the radar of criminals: see which cars are most sought after by criminals for theft and how to effectively prevent them. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Increase in theft rate

The current scenario points to a worrying increase in cases of vehicle theft and theft. Find out more below.

This growth highlights the importance of always being alert and well informed about trends in this field. After all, prevention is always the best medicine.

Based on recent data, it was possible to draw up a list of the 9 cars that most arouse the interest of criminals.

This information not only helps us understand the current situation, but also serves as a warning to owners of these models.

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What are the 9 cars most wanted by criminals for robbery?

Let’s go to the list:

Volkswagen Gol: A classic that never goes out of style, even for thieves. With 3,583 incidents of theft or robbery, this model leads the ranking, showing an increase of 5.5% compared to the previous year.Fiat Uno: Another favorite among criminals, with 3,310 registered cases. This model saw an increase of 8.3%, which raises a warning sign for owners.Chevrolet Onix: Despite a slight drop of 13.7%, the Onix still appears on the list, with 3,175 occurrences. This shows that even newer models are not risk-free.Hyundai HB20: With 2,904 robberies or thefts, this model saw an increase of 7.8%. The popularity of the HB20 is also unfortunately reflected in the unwanted attention from criminals.Chevrolet Corsa: An epoch-making model that is still targeted, with 2,897 cases and an increase of 9.2%.Ford Ka: Although it has seen a down 10.7%, the Ford Ka is still in the spotlight, with 2,498 occurrences. Fiat Palio: With 2,443 robberies or thefts, this model saw a significant increase of 11.1%, reinforcing the attention that needs to be given to it. Fiat Argo: One of the highlights, with an alarming increase of 57.5%, totaling 2,240 cases. This increase draws attention to the growing popularity of the model among criminals. Volkswagen Fox: Closing the list, this model had a slight drop of 4.4%, but still registered 1,763 occurrences.

What to do?

Finally, it is essential that owners of these models take preventative measures to protect their vehicles.

This includes investing in security systems, such as alarms and trackers, as well as adopting safe parking practices.

Remember: being informed is the first step to ensuring the security of your assets. Stay up to date and adopt preventative measures to discourage criminals.

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