List brings together the documents necessary to make the IR 2024 declaration

Prepare for the IR 2024 declaration with our complete list of required documents. Avoid delays and problems by following this detailed guide to organizing your documents.

The arrival of the Income Tax (IR) 2024 declaration period, scheduled between March 15th and May 31st, requires preparation and organization from taxpayers.

To avoid setbacks, it is crucial to collect the necessary documents in advance, thus ensuring a smoother process without unforeseen events.

That said, in the following lines, we will list all the documents necessary to declare IR 2024. So, read on.

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Income Tax 2024: what do you need to know about?

The IR declaration is an important moment for Brazilians to demonstrate their taxable and non-taxable earnings.

Furthermore, it is also a tool for government control over financial transactions in the country.

Failure to submit the declaration may result in severe penalties, including fines and blocking of the CPF.

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What documents are needed to declare IR 2024?

For those who have already made a declaration in previous years, it is essential to have a receipt for the last declaration. Additionally, a series of personal documents are required, including:

CPF and proof of address;Voter registration card;Receipt number of the last IR declaration (if any);Bank details for receiving refunds;Dependant information, such as name, CPF and date of birth (if applicable).

Remember that the Federal Revenue requires a CPF for dependents of any age, so it is vital to provide it if it does not already exist.

Proof of income

By the end of February, all companies must provide Income Reports for the previous year. These documents are essential and must include:

Income reports from financial institutions; Income reports provided by all paying sources; Proof of monthly calculation of the carnê-leão and DARFs paid, if applicable; Income reports of the spouse and dependents, if the declaration is joint; Income report supplementary pension, if any.

Expense receipts for deductions

Some expenses can be deducted from the IR, but it is necessary to have all relevant receipts and proof.

These documents must contain the CNPJ or CPF of the service provider, as well as the data of the taxpayer or dependents. Namely, expenses such as:

Expenses for personal or dependent education, limited to R$ 3,561.50; Medical and dental expenses, exams, devices and prosthetics, and health plans; Proof of payment of supplementary social security and judicial alimony; Donations made and/or received and ITCMD collected.

Other proof

In addition, additional information about payments made and transactions for the purchase and sale of goods is also relevant, including:

Brokerage notes for variable income operations; Proof of rental or rural lease payments; Documents relating to the sale of assets such as real estate and vehicles; Proof of receipt of inheritance; Documentation of loans, consortiums or financing.

Documents required to declare IR 2024 for MEIs

On the other hand, individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) must be aware of the specificities of their category, both as a legal entity and as an individual. Therefore, for the declaration, it is necessary to gather:

Invoices and receipts issued to prove income; CNPJ and MEI company name.

In summary, advance preparation and organization of documents are essential for an IR 2024 declaration process without surprises and complications.

Therefore, keep all documents in order to ensure a smooth and correct declaration.

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