List brings together 28 franchises that can make you a LOT of money in 2024

The franchise scenario in Brazil for 2024 is vast and varied, with 28 of them standing out as golden opportunities. Check out.

In 2024, the franchise universe in Brazil presents itself as a fertile field for visionary entrepreneurs. With a select list of businesses ranging from health and beauty to gastronomy and specialized services.

These opportunities promise the stability of a tested business model and the potential to achieve revenues in excess of R$1 million. This panorama highlights a growing trend in Brazilian franchising.

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28 franchises to make money in 2024; see the full list

In the current entrepreneurship scenario in Brazil, opting for franchises appears as a smart strategy for those who want to invest safely and with potential for high returns.

With the market booming, 2024 is shaping up to be a promising year for those looking to solidify their presence in the business world.

Among the options, 28 franchises from different segments stand out, all with the potential to earn more than R$1 million per year, opening up a range of opportunities for different investor profiles.

Diversified investment segments

The franchises listed cover a variety of sectors, including health, beauty, food, specialized services, and technology, demonstrating the versatility of the Brazilian market.

Recognized brands such as Oral Sin in dental implants, Johnny Rockets in themed food, and Ecoville in cleaning products are just some of the options that offer proven business models and ongoing support for their franchisees.

The revenue potential

With initial investments that range from more affordable values ​​to options that require a larger investment, the common denominator is the revenue potential, exceeding the R$1 million annual mark.

This aspect is crucial for entrepreneurs looking for a significant return on their investment.

Strategies for success

Investing goes beyond initial capital; it’s about being part of a network. Choosing the right franchise must consider alignment with market trends, the support and training offered by the franchisor, and compatibility with the entrepreneur’s profile.

The diversity of the 28 featured franchises ensures that regardless of your interest and experience, there is an opportunity that fits your business plans.

Check out the full list

Given this, it is worth mentioning that there are far more than 28 franchises available in the Brazilian market. However, our list took into account aspects such as annual revenue and public acceptance.

It is worth mentioning that the value of the annual investment may vary, depending on the franchise chosen. That said, see the full list.

Food and drinks:

Mr. Cheney (restaurant)Madero (burger restaurant)Açaí Concept (açaí restaurant)Villa Café (cafeteria)Freddo Burger (burger restaurant)Giraffas (fast food)KFC (fast food)Bob’s (fast food)Pizza Hut (pizzeria)Domino’s Pizza (pizzeria)

Health and beauty:

Onodera Estética (aesthetics clinic)Bio Mundo (natural products store)Dr. Laser (laser hair removal clinic)Sorridents (dental clinic)Oticas Carol (optics)


Kumon (language course)Wizard (language course)CNA (language course)Yázigi (language course)Geekie Games (programming school)


Dog Walker (dog walker)Lavô (laundry)Acqua Aroma (flavoring franchise)


Petz (pet products store)Chilli Beans (sunglasses store)Imaginarium (gift store)Lojas Renner (clothing store)Hering (clothing store)

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