List brings together the 15 professions with the highest and lowest hiring salaries in 2024

Explore the 15 professions with the highest and lowest salaries in 2024 in Brazil: from leadership in the credit sector to the reality of ball boys. Understand trends and impacts on the job market.

Surely you have already wondered which careers are leading the market in terms of salaries in 2024.

In the dynamic world we live in, salary trends are a direct reflection of economic and social developments.

Next, we’ll dive into the professions that are at their peak in pay this year, as well as those that face greater salary challenges. So, keep reading.

Discover the careers that dominate the market in terms of salaries in 2024, including directors, doctors and engineers. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

At the top of the list, the position of director, mainly in the credit area, shines with an average salary of R$47,725.21.

These professionals show that, in 2024, the combination of management skills and technical knowledge is highly valued. See the table below:

Occupation Salary (R$)
Credit Director (Except Real Estate Credit) 47.725,21
Capital Market Director 36.660,50
Commercial director 24.704,48
Commercial Director in Financial Intermediation Operations 23.667,04
Compliance Director 21.285,23
Marketing director 19.552,88
Director of Commercial Operations (Wholesale and Retail Trade) 16.039,79
Administrative and financial director 14.240,88
Administrative Director 14.042,85
Information Technology Solutions Architect 13.057,65
Dental Surgeon – Prosthodontist 12.038,01
Maintenance Director 11.256,02
Ator 11.046,91
Account Director (Advertising) 10.450,17
Creation director 10.045,28

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Diversity of Sectors

It’s not just corporate sectors that are on the rise. Medicine and education also stand out.

Doctors, university professors and dental surgeons are professions that not only guarantee attractive remuneration, but also demonstrate the recognition and importance of these areas in today’s society.

In contrast, there are professions with notable salary challenges.

Positions such as host of popular parties and ball boys show that not all careers follow the same pace of salary growth.

This raises important questions about the valuation of different types of work in Brazil. See below:

Occupation Salary (R$)
Popular Festival Presenter 936,07
Sun lounger 1.179,79
Chestnut Exploration Worker 1.301,19
Hand-operated cigar maker 1.307,98
Palm Oil Culture Worker 1.311,49
Indigenous Health Agent 1.313,67
Producer in Fruit and Seed Vegetable Farming 1.314,28
Professor of Occupational Therapy 1.316,73
Tobacco Culture Worker 1.316,74
Active and Receptive Telemarketing Operator 1.320,60
Salt grinder 1.321,21
Shrimp breeder 1.322,68
Donkey and mule breeder 1.323,75
Entertainment venue receptionist 1.338,16
Worker cultivating fruit vines 1.338,68

Sectors and salaries: overview

Furthermore, it is intriguing to note how different sectors exhibit varying average salaries.

While sectors such as public administration and health lead with the highest averages, areas such as accommodation and food have the lowest numbers.

This variation indicates market priorities and current economic trends.

The geographic influence

The geography of salaries is also an important factor. The Southeast region has the highest salary averages, while the Northeast has the lowest numbers.

In short, this regional discrepancy reflects the different economic dynamics that shape the Brazilian labor market.

Employability and salaries

Furthermore, it is interesting to highlight that, in 2023, the Brazilian economy had a positive balance of jobs, especially in the lower salary ranges.

However, at the highest salary levels, the number of layoffs exceeded the number of hires.

In turn, this phenomenon suggests a reflection on stability and career prospects in different salary ranges.

The future of work

The 2024 scenario leads us to think about the future of work.

Automation and artificial intelligence are reshaping market demands, bringing to light the importance of adaptation and professional retraining.

Professions that are currently at the top can be challenged by new demands and emerging technologies.

In conclusion, this salary outlook in 2024 offers a comprehensive view of the job market in Brazil.

It shows that while some careers enjoy high salaries, others face significant challenges.

Finally, the key for professionals, regardless of the sector, is constant evolution and adaptation to market changes.

And for you, what is the impact of these salary trends on choosing a career?

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