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The deadline for the annual delivery of DASN-SIMEI 2024 is approaching and it is important that microentrepreneurs do not miss it so as not to suffer later.

Attention, individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs)! The deadline for submitting the 2024 Simples Nacional Annual Declaration (DASN-SIMEI) is approaching.

Those who properly declare their income can rest assured, but it is important not to miss the deadline as this can lead to serious complications.

This declaration is crucial to keeping your company up to date with the IRS. So, to make your life easier, we have put together a complete guide to help you fulfill this obligation without any headaches. Look!

Delivery of DASN-SIMEI 2024 may seem complex, but it is not a big deal. See how to do it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understanding DASN-SIMEI 2024

In principle, the DASN-SIMEI is a document sent to the Federal Revenue Service where you inform the previous year’s revenue and the existence of employees.

It is essential for all MEIs, regardless of the payment method for their commercial transactions.

Billing limit and tax calculation

For 2024, the MEI revenue limit is R$81,000.00. If this amount is exceeded, you must inform the total amount in DASN-SIMEI.

The Federal Revenue system will calculate the taxes due based on the excess amount. In other words, your job here is to check all of this.

Deadlines and types of declaration

It is worth noting that the DASN-SIMEI 2024 must be submitted by May 31, 2024. In general, there are two declaration options: "Normal Situation", for active CNPJs, and "Special Situation", for cases of MEI discharge.

How to make the DASN-SIMEI 2024 declaration?

Furthermore, the process is simple and can be done online:

Access the Simples Nacional page on the Federal Revenue website (CNPJ) and select the year of declaration (2023);Enter the value of total gross revenue and the number of employees in the year;Check the information and complete the process.

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Consequences of non-delivery of DASN-SIMEI 2024

In short, not submitting the DASN-SIMEI on time may result in fines. The minimum fine is R$50.00, reduced to R$25.00 if paid within 30 days.

After 90 days of the deadline, the CNPJ may be considered unfit, causing serious problems for the MEI. Therefore, you could end up losing your company.

Tips to make your declaration easier

Organize your documents: first, keep a detailed record of all your income throughout the year; Don’t leave it until the last minute: then, avoid the stress of tight deadlines by starting your statement in advance; Use the MEI app: available for smartphones (Android: or iOS: the app can help with managing your business and preparing for the declaration.

Complying with DASN-SIMEI is more than a legal obligation; It is an important step towards the health and transparency of your business.

With these tips and information, we hope the process is smooth and uncomplicated. Keep your MEI business on the path to success and compliance!

Do I need to declare IR even if I submit the annual declaration?

Finally, despite submitting the DASN-SIMEI, which reports the company’s annual revenue, this does not exempt MEIs from the need to declare Personal Income Tax (IRPF), if they meet the Federal Revenue’s mandatory criteria.

This includes taxable income above the established limit, possession of high-value assets, among others. Therefore, it is essential that the MEI checks your individual situation to properly comply with all tax obligations.

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