Learn how to request a REVIEW of the INSS retirement amount

Find out how to request a review of the value of your INSS retirement and avoid errors in the calculation to ensure a fair benefit.

When you request your INSS retirement and come across a value that does not meet your expectations, know that it is possible to request a review.

The INSS allows review in situations involving adjustments to the value of the benefit, changes to the considered contribution time, inclusion, change or exclusion of dependents, as well as the presentation of new documents.

In this article, we will explain how to identify possible errors in the calculation, which documents to use as proof and how to request a retirement review. So, keep reading.

Discover the steps to correct possible mistakes in calculating INSS retirement and the necessary documentation. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

How do I request a review of the INSS retirement amount?

First of all, it is important to highlight that the deadline for requesting this review is up to 10 years from the date the benefit began, not the date of the initial retirement request.

Furthermore, one of the first steps to check if there is a need for review is to check the contribution statement online.

The INSS website allows you to check all social security contribution periods in the National Register of Social Information (CNIS).

In short, this is essential to ensure that all your work periods appear on the authority’s list.

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Compare the values

Furthermore, it is advisable to compare the value granted by the INSS in the concession letter with the value presented in the simulation carried out by the INSS itself.

Although the simulation is not a guarantee of entitlement, a large discrepancy between the values ​​may be an indication of an error in granting retirement.

Another important point to be observed is the contribution time considered by the INSS, especially for retirement due to age.

When a contribution period is not included in the calculation, this affects the value of the benefit.

Attention to cases involving public servants

If you were a permanent public servant, it is important to pay special attention. Public servants were linked to their own regime, different from the INSS.

Even if the information on your own regime appears in the CNIS, this does not mean that it will automatically be considered in the retirement calculation.

For public service time to be considered, it is necessary to present a specific document called Contribution Time Certificate (CTC).

Labor action and its relevance for the INSS

It is important to highlight that labor action does not always influence the INSS calculation. In most cases, agreements between the company and the employee have no social security impact.

Even in situations where the company is condemned, the labor action only serves as the beginning of evidence for a process with the INSS and does not necessarily guarantee a change in the benefit calculation.

For the labor action to be relevant to retirement, it is necessary for the lawyer to take social security funds into account in the process.

What documents serve as proof for reviewing the INSS retirement amount?

It is possible to use several documents as proof for calculating the INSS. The work card is a valid option, as it has a relative presumption of veracity.

Even if the data is computerized, the work card can be crucial, especially in older cases that may not appear in the CNIS.

Another alternative is the FGTS statement, which can prove the exercise of the activity and the receipt of FGTS amounts, demonstrating that you were actually working.

For service providers, the self-employed payment receipt (RPA) is proof that can be presented to calculate the INSS.

How to request a retirement review and when to seek justice?

If you have already provided all the necessary documentation to the INSS and still do not agree with the benefit granted, it is possible to go to court.

This path may be more effective, as the INSS already had access to the documents and did not consider the necessary revisions.

However, it is important to present all documentation to the INSS before seeking justice.

The INSS retirement review request can be made online through the "Meu INSS" application, in the INSS area on the gov.br website, or by telephone at number 135.

Whole Life Review

Another important point is the Whole Life Review, a specific case of retirement calculation review.

As a general rule, pensions consider data from July 1994, when the Real Plan began.

However, the Whole Life Review allows the beneficiary to use the salaries from their entire contributory life, including those prior to that period.

It is important to evaluate this review on a case-by-case basis, as it does not benefit everyone equally. It may be advantageous for those who had higher salaries before July 1994, but for others it may result in a reduction in the amount they receive.

Remember that reviewing retirement is a taxpayer’s right, and it is essential to understand the processes and documents necessary to seek a fair benefit that is appropriate to your work history.

Therefore, pay attention to deadlines and documentation, and do not hesitate to seek legal guidance when necessary.

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